Doctor Who – Doctor Debut Marathon starting on Monday!


As predicted (by me!) back when I did the Regeneration Marathon, which counted down to the Twelfth Doctor’s swan-song, it’s time to countdown to the Thirteenth Doctor’s debut! As per usual when I do a daily marathon this won’t effect any non-Who related reviews going up, especially the “Shonen Jump! 50th Anniversary Top 5 Debut Arcs” countdown, which will finish over the next two weeks, but there will be fewer non-Who reviews because… well, there are fewer non-Who reviews to go up anyway! Click more down below to see the line up, otherwise I’ll see you tomorrow!

  • The First Doctor – An Unearthly Child (Monday September 24th)
  • The Second Doctor – The Power of the Daleks (Tuesday September 25th)
  • The Third Doctor – Spearhead From Space (Wednesday September 26th)
  • The Fourth Doctor – Robot (Thursday September 27th)
  • The Fifth Doctor – Castrovalva (Friday September 28th)
  • The Sixth Doctor – The Twin Dilemma (Saturday September 29th)
  • The Seventh Doctor – Time and the Rani (Sunday September 30th)
  • The Eighth Doctor – Storm Warning, thanks to having already covered  the TV Movie during the Regeneration Marathon! (Monday October 1st)
  • The War Doctor – Only the Monstrous: The Innocent, due to his actual debut being a 30 second stinger at the end of an 11th Doctor episode, I thought his first solo story would be more fitting (Tuesday October 2nd)
  • The Ninth Doctor – Rose (Wednesday October 3rd)
  • The Tenth Doctor – The Christmas Invasion (Thursday October 4th)
  • The Eleventh Doctor – The Eleventh Hour (Friday October 5th)
  • The Twelfth Doctor – Deep Breath (Saturday October 6th)
  • The Thirteenth Doctor – The Woman Who Fell to Earth (Sometime early in the week after Sunday October 7th…)

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