DW: Expiry Dating Review

We kick off a trio of Tenth Doctor and River Song stories with Expiry Dating, what would be, from The Doctor’s perspective, their second encounter, just after Donna had left. It’s nearly entirely told via messages to each other, from one end of time and the universe to another, and includes several legitimately funny cameos and scenes. How does it rate over all? Let’s find out!

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Bleach: Soul Society Arc (Episodes 21 – 29) Review

I hold the Soul Society Arc in very high regard, but even I’ll admit this first quarter is a little on the slow side. Now, it’s the beginning, it’s just setting things in motion, so I can’t be too hard on it, but there are one or two moments when the anime team stretch some things out to breaking point, something they thankfully resist as the arc goes on. So with that all being said, let’s take a closer look at the first chunk of Soul Society episodes!

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DW: Wicked Sisters Review

I was initially hesitant to buy Wicked Sisters, given I haven’t been following the Graceless spin-off series, but after being assured it was pretty stand alone, and given the price, I went with it. Turns out I made the right choice, because whatever happened to Abby and Zara between the Key2Time trilogy and this was nicely explained in a few bits of dialogue, and what was left was a fun story featuring The Fifth Doctor teaming up with Leela to tackle a duo who are pretty much doing what The Doctor does, just with more … dangerous powers…

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Alien vs. Predator (Arcade) Review

We reach the end of the “licensed games from Namco and CAPCOM” period of this marathon (ignoring the side-step last week) with one of the best of the lot: Alien vs. Predator from CAPCOM. It’s a game I never knew existed until the days of the ROM in the mid-2000s, and man oh man was I annoyed this never got a home release. Does it still hold up now? Silly question, but let’s have a good look anyway!

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Cowboy Bebop – Episode 5 “Ballad of Fallen Angels” Review

Given landing the job as reviewer for Anime UK News is what really gave me the push into reviewing things, it only made sense for Review #1,000 to be an anime review. I didn’t have the time to review a whole series (nor would I want to condense a whole series into a single review) so I decided to review my favourite singular episode, and when I made that decision there was only one thing that leapt to mind… Cowboy Bebop’s fifth episode, “Ballad of Fallen Angels” is not only brilliantly written, acted (in both languages) and scored, but it also stands entirely alone, which is handy for reviewing purposes! So let’s celebrate 1,000 reviews with style!

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GoldenEye 007 (N64) Review

Little known fact (because how the hell would anyone else know?) I was going to review this all-time great alongside my review of the film, but decided to hold off on it because it’s arguably my favourite game of all time (I say arguably because I’d have to sit down and really think for a very long time to come up with any actual all-time best list…) and I wanted to give it more attention. Well, when better than a series of reviews celebrating 1,000 reviews? This was always hanging over my head as something I “had” to review at some point, so may as well make it now! Let’s have a look at this classic and see if it still holds up!

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DW: Genesis of the Daleks Review

So for the Doctor Who part of the “1,000 Reviews celebration” I couldn’t pick a single, favourite story, so I decided to go with the story that most fans would assume a review of would be on any Doctor Who review site, and that is, of course, Genesis of the Daleks. A hit at the time, a hit during the VHS and DVD releases, a hit in DWM “best story ever” polls and even now, in 2020, is still considered an all time great. In fact the advent of the 2005 revival of Doctor Who has only added to the story’s importance! So let’s waste no more time and take a look at Genesis of the Daleks!

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Celebrating 1,000 Reviews!

Starting tomorrow and through to the end of the week will be reviews 998, 999 and 1,000 for me after the last five-ish years of giving it a go, so I’ve decided to do something a bit special. The most popular/most frequent things I review are Doctor Who, Games and Anime, so I decided to pick one thing from each of those categories that I “always wanted to review” and, well, review them!

So not necessarily my favourite of each category (though I’ll admit two of the three could very easily be) but something that when I started this for-fun “career” path I knew I’d cover at some point and was excited at the prospect. So look forward to that, and then next week I’ll be back to regular, if not a little full of Big Finish Audio backlog reviews, schedule.

Armoured Warriors (Arcade) Review

It’s time for the lastest game in this marathon to come from the CAPCOM Beat ‘Em Up Bundle, and also another game to not have a “Then” category, as yes, me and my friend played this for the first time just earlier this year. Armoured Warriors turned out to be a great mix of Mech combat and beat ‘em up that I’m really glad to have ended up playing rather than it just slip into the background of the 1001 other Arcade games I’ve never heard of that are probably good… Anyway, let’s take a look!

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