Invincible – Season 1 Review

I was hesitant to watch Invincible because I’m a bit superhero’d out and couldn’t be bothered with yet another “sort of Justice League” and another over-bloody “mature” take on the genre (from Amazon!) but I eventually gave it a go and really enjoyed myself, in fact to the point where I’m looking forward to the next season! So let’s take a closer look…

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The Boys – Season 2 Review

Although it’s only been a couple of months since I reviewed the first season, here we are with Season 2! The Boys are … no, I’m not going to say “back in town”, far too obvious… Erm, let’s just stick with “are back”. Once again underneath the dark humour, the at-times-unrelenting gore and the explicit sex scenes is a series that was genuinely entertaining and well written. Let’s take a look!

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The Boys – Season 1 Review

The Boys Season 1

Despite what I said in my review of Witcher’s first season being the last old review catch up, here is a late review of the first season of The Boys, though in this case it’s not an old review I’ve been sitting on, instead it’s a show I only just got round to watching. I just didn’t feel like it right away, and the worst thing to do with a series is watch it when you’re not in the mood. It’s a good thing too, as this series was a really fun watch, with some top-class dark humour and great characters. Let’s have a closer look!

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