The Boys – Season 2 Review

Although it’s only been a couple of months since I reviewed the first season, here we are with Season 2! The Boys are … no, I’m not going to say “back in town”, far too obvious… Erm, let’s just stick with “are back”. Once again underneath the dark humour, the at-times-unrelenting gore and the explicit sex scenes is a series that was genuinely entertaining and well written. Let’s take a look!

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Transformers: War for Cybertron – Siege Review

What is it with Netflix and forcing me to watch CG shows? Admittedly using the Transformers franchise at least makes sense as it, currently, lacks any human characters, and seeing giant robots in CG is a lot easier to take, but still! If I’m honest I had no intention of watching a new Transformers cartoon, but then I heard more about it, that it uses designs closer to the classic 80s cartoon I loved growing up and has references to, and features, death and “killing”, making it closer in tone to the Transformers animated movie than the squeaky clean TV show, I was interested, and it was only six 20-ish minute episodes, so… Why not? Was I disappointed or did it live up to these expectations? Let’s find out!

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The Walking Dead – Season 10 Part 2 Review

Well, after a long wait the season finale of Season 10 aired… except now it isn’t the Season 10 finale, instead there will be a third batch of Season 10 episodes before what has been revealed as the final season… so I guess I’ll call that “Season 10 Part 3” whenever they end up airing… Anyway! Let’s review what was, at the time at least, planned to be the second and final half of the 10th season, shall we?

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The Umbrella Academy – Season 2 Review

Umbrella Academy Season 2

I really enjoyed the first season of Umbrella Academy, but after a disappointing second season for Altered Carbon I was worried about this follow up. Turns out I didn’t need to be because Umbrella Academy Season 2 was great, a perfect follow up that develops its core cast, gives them a new setting and still manages to keep the sense of fun alongside the drama. Let’s take a closer look!

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The Boys – Season 1 Review

The Boys Season 1

Despite what I said in my review of Witcher’s first season being the last old review catch up, here is a late review of the first season of The Boys, though in this case it’s not an old review I’ve been sitting on, instead it’s a show I only just got round to watching. I just didn’t feel like it right away, and the worst thing to do with a series is watch it when you’re not in the mood. It’s a good thing too, as this series was a really fun watch, with some top-class dark humour and great characters. Let’s have a closer look!

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The Witcher – Season 1 Review

The Witcher Season 1

In what is the last of the “catch up reviews from the past six-to-nine months”, the first season of The Witcher was hyped up a lot before and after its release, but I initially held back due to often finding Henry Cavill quite dull in his prior roles, and a general lack of knowledge of the source material (novels and, much to my shame, the games, though if I ever get a spare few months I’d like to tackle Wild Hunt…) But I gave it a go after work colleagues were raving about it and I did enjoy it… a lot, actually! So let’s take a look at Witcher Season 1, and finally stop posting reviews comprised using notes I wrote down half a year ago…

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Gotham – Season 5 Review

Gotham Season 5

In one of the longer gaps between the actual airing of the series and getting this review up, let’s take a look at the final season of Gotham. The series as a whole has been an unexpected hit for me, but the villains often way overshadow the character that was supposed to be the lead, does this change in the final season? Does the rather unlikely-even-for-a-comic plot get in the way of this fact? Let’s find out!

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The Walking Dead – Season 10 Part 1 Review

The Walking Dead S10 P1

I was going to just do a Season 10 overall review, but with the final episode being delayed further and further, I decided to do what I’ve done before and review the two halves, mostly because leave it any longer and it wouldn’t matter how many notes I made, I’d struggle to remember some of these episodes, which says a lot really…So let’s take a look then!

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The Flash – Season 6 Review

Flash Season 6

The Flash’s sixth season is … extremely muddled. The first half is all hype for Crisis on Infinite Earths, but based on something we all knew wouldn’t happen. The second half then starts off strong but then pulls out the “our hero loses his powers!” cliché and stretches it out across multiple episodes. Throw in the non-ending that sadly happened due to a certain pandemic and it’s not a best season ever constructed… Let’s take a look anyway!

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UFO – Episodes 19 – 26 Review

UFO Part 3

It’s been a little while since I last looked at Gerry Anderson’s UFO series… by which I mean over a year (given that the first two parts still have the character breakdowns on them) but hey-ho! I’ve had more time to sit down and watch them, and the one thing I didn’t want to do is watch them when I wasn’t in the mood, because that would just unfairly dampen my view. The final eight episodes have some good gems, and the lack of Col. Freeman doesn’t hurt the show as much as I feared, so… let’s take a look!

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