My Hero Academia – Joint Training Arc (Episodes 89 – 100) Review

Time for my first contemporary My Hero Academia review! Not quite sure why I didn’t cover the previous year’s two stories… maybe I knew I’d be covering the Blu-Ray releases for Anime UK News (which I’m sure I will as well when this season comes around…)? … Well, anyway, “Season 5” kicked off by animating the Joint Training Arc from the Manga, which also features a fair amount of new plot for our main protagonist. Let’s take a look!

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My Hero Academia – Heroes Rising Anime UK News Review

MHA Heroes Rising

What’s this? Another Anime UK News review?! I know, right? Still, this was one of those “share anything even remotely to do with this video link and we’ll sue the pants off of you” movie screener reviews, which are always a bit special (and often very last minute!)

So what did I think about the latest MHA Movie? Click HERE to find out!

My Hero Academia – Two Heroes Anime UK News Review

MHA Two Heroes

I had the rare pleasure of a secret stream review for Anime UK News, in this case it was a screening of My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, the first film for the franchise that is debuting in UK cinemas this week. The review can be found HERE.

While MHA is very much a Japanese voice kind of series for me (mainly because that’s how I’ve always watched it via Crunchyroll) I didn’t mind that the stream was the dub version only, as it was surprisingly competent given it had so many teen characters in it…

My Hero Academia – U.A. Beginnings Arc (Episodes 1 – 13) Review

My Hero Academia UAB Arc

This is a first for the blog as I’ve technically covered these episodes on Anime UK News when I covered the Season 1 blu-ray release, but as those are more of a quick, relatively spoiler-free, look at the show and the physical release, this will be my normal more detailed (and spoiler-filled!) look at the story. My Hero Academia is the latest hit for Shonen Jump!, but has already impressed me enough that I believe its opening stories put it above all but one (that I’ve seen), gaining it the #2 spot on this list. Why? Well, why don’t you read on to find out!

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