My Hero Academia – Heroes Rising Anime UK News Review

MHA Heroes Rising

What’s this? Another Anime UK News review?! I know, right? Still, this was one of those “share anything even remotely to do with this video link and we’ll sue the pants off of you” movie screener reviews, which are always a bit special (and often very last minute!)

So what did I think about the latest MHA Movie? Click HERE to find out!

My Hero Academia – Two Heroes Anime UK News Review

MHA Two Heroes

I had the rare pleasure of a secret stream review for Anime UK News, in this case it was a screening of My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, the first film for the franchise that is debuting in UK cinemas this week. The review can be found HERE.

While MHA is very much a Japanese voice kind of series for me (mainly because that’s how I’ve always watched it via Crunchyroll) I didn’t mind that the stream was the dub version only, as it was surprisingly competent given it had so many teen characters in it…

My Hero Academia – U.A. Beginnings Arc (Episodes 1 – 13) Review

My Hero Academia UAB Arc

This is a first for the blog as I’ve technically covered these episodes on Anime UK News when I covered the Season 1 blu-ray release, but as those are more of a quick, relatively spoiler-free, look at the show and the physical release, this will be my normal more detailed (and spoiler-filled!) look at the story. My Hero Academia is the latest hit for Shonen Jump!, but has already impressed me enough that I believe its opening stories put it above all but one (that I’ve seen), gaining it the #2 spot on this list. Why? Well, why don’t you read on to find out!

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My Hero Academia S1 – Anime UK News Review

DBS AUKN Template

Hopefully I’m back from a short hiatus, and I’ll be posting the reviews of the things that aired or I’ve watched in the past month in the next few days (I’ve kept reviewing Who and Blake’s 7 at least, so they should be caught up quite quickly once I get pictures!)

Anyway, my review for the Blu-Ray release of My Hero Academia went up on Anime UK News a week or two ago, so I thought it would be a good excuse to get back in the swing of things on this blog. It can be found by clicking HERE .