Doctor Who: Stranded 4 – The Keys of Baker Street & Best Year Ever Review

The Stranded run of Eighth Doctor stories reaches its conclusion… I was going to put “epic conclusion” but that wouldn’t be right, for better or worse. Without giving too much away the key plot point of Stranded gets resolved in the “The Keys of Baker Street” and what we have for a finale is a rather more tame epilogue that I’ll be honest didn’t really work for me. Want to know more? Read on!

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Doctor Who: Stranded 4 – Crossed Lines & Get Andy Review

The often divisive Stranded sub-series reaches its final phase and with a set that is no less divisive, though most of that comes in the second half. As for these first two episodes? Well, they continue the time and alternate Earth shenanigans with The Doctor, his companions, his neighbours and a near-immortal time-travelling moody teenager / evil despot named Robin. Let’s take a look!

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Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils Review

The Thirteenth Doctor returned to our screens over Easter, but don’t get your hopes up for a special episode as it felt very much like a regular “filler episode” at just the regular runtime of 45 minutes and having little to no impact on the story. Still, the Sea Devils returned! Always nice to see a returning monster… Most of the time. Let’s take a look!

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Spider-Man: No Way Home Review

The latest cinematic entry in the MCU (only just as of this post, mind you…) sees Spider-Man deal with the after-effects of his identity being revealed at the end of the previous film as well as continuity baggage from the two previous Spider-Man film universes! Plus lots of Doctor Strange and much more besides; does it manage to actually pull off a film worth watching in amongst all this noise? The answer may surprise you…

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Returning to Blogging, Slowly but Surely…

Hi all,

So after I left this blog a little while ago a lot has happened: my Dad did indeed have Prostate Cancer but it’s thankfully treatable via tablets and injections and not life-threatening, so a best scenario out of the admittedly all-bad list of scenarios relating to that news, so there’s that.

Secondly I’m moving to my own flat (or apartment if you wish!) on May 12th after many years back with my parents when my Mum’s health took a turn for the worst. My brother is still with my Dad so I’m not leaving him alone after having just been diagnosed with cancer, I just want to make that clear! Plus I’m literally 10 minutes away from there anyway…

As for the blog? Well, as you can imagine with everything going on, plus the up-coming Jubilee and the first full-on “Summer Reading Challenge” since pre-Covid my job at the Library will be very busy as well, so I’m not going to be uploading five reviews a week, that’s for sure! Instead I’m going back to how it all started: posting reviews up when I have the time to properly dedicate to write and post them. So some weeks there might be several, other weeks there might be none. This is the best way to go, going forward. The repeated Lockdowns and reduced foot-fall in the Library gave me ample chance to write lots and lots but that’s come to an end now.

Also I will be introducing a new format to my reviews after one of the only bits of feedback I’ve ever received mentioned not liking that the whole review was full of spoilers, so I’ll but changing the format to have the spoiler talk at the end of the review, after the score itself, for those who want to get a feel without getting spoiled.

So yeah, that’s it! I’m looking forward to posting a few things I’ve seen / listened to / playing with over the last while, starting next week…

Temporary Blog Halt Mk.2

Hi all,

So as some of you may know my Mum passed away back in July and it was hard to find my happy blog place for a while. Well, now not only is Mother’s Day this Sunday (for those of us in the UK anyway…) and that’s bumming me out, but my Dad got some troubling news in his MRI and is scheduled for a biopsy on Tuesday to gain more information.

Hopefully whatever it is can be cured with little risk to his life, but all I know is I’m really not in a happy blog place right now and I won’t be at least until that whole thing is behind me, or at the very least, is less scary.

So hopefully see you all soon!

David “Cold Cobra” Hogan.

Super Mario Kart (SNES) Review

When I saw six new DLC packs for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe I was really excited to play the new (to me, having never touched Mario Kart Tour) tracks and returning retro tracks so I thought about covering the old games those tracks come from, then realised that I’ve played (to death) six Mario Kart games not including 8 so my mind immediately made a marathon out of it, naturally! Each day a new “Mario Kart 8 Booster Pack” comes out I’ll throw up a review of a Mario Kart game, in order of release. Then I guess I’ll put up a review of 8 for completionists sake… Anyway! Super Mario Kart is one of those rare games that you can point at and say “This game innovated an entire genre” and to top it off it was great to play despite being the first of its kind. What it’s like to play now? Well…

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The Walking Dead – Vol. 5 & 6: “The Best Defence” and “This Sorrowful Life” Review

(Anime on a Monday and a comic review on Friday?! Stupid review embargo!) My first look through the Walking Dead comics has brought me to the Governor and his Woodbury settlement, something that was a bit of a mess in the TV show and it turns out is a mess in the comics as well, just in a very different and far more literal way! Let’s take a look, then, but not too long of a look because yikes, some panels in these pages were quite the sight…

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Doctor Who: The Invasion Review

The Invasion is not only a rare eight-part story, not only features the debut of UNIT but it’s also the first story to ever receive animated missing episodes. On top of all that it has Cybermen in it, which admittedly isn’t very rare for the Second Doctor story, but there you go. That being said they only appear in half of it anyway as it does take a good while for the invading to actually happen… thankfully the human villain in the story is very entertaining! Want to know more? Read on!

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The King of Fighters XV (PS4) Review

Sometimes I don’t bother reviewing new fighting games for fear of people thinking I’m some sort of expert instead of the casual player I’ve been for the past… few decades, but given King of Fighters as a franchise has appeared so frequently on this blog (and in many different forms!) I thought throwing up a review of the latest entry wouldn’t go amiss… so let’s get to it!

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