Arrow – Season 7 Episodes 10 – 22 Review

Arrow S7 P2

Arrow’s seventh season comes a wobbly end, but ultimately a good end. In fact the finale feels very much like an overall series finale, which given Season 8 is not only the last season, but only 10 episodes, it probably for all intents and purposes is the big ending. So let’s have a look at the build up to this grand finale, and see how much of it actually worked…

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Bernice Summerfield – Road Trip Review

Benny Road Trip

Benny’s second boxset release, Road Trip, actually feels more like it was created after the run of boxes and just set “during the time Bernice was on her way to Legion”, as that plot thread from the end of Epoch doesn’t arrive until a 10-minute post credit sequence. That being said, for three stand-alone stories, it’s actually a good bunch of audio dramas, so I’m certainly not complaining after the far more dull start to this run… so let’s take a closer look!

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Super Mario Bros. (Film) Review

Super Mario Bros Film

Our look at (most) of the live action game adaptations, and the games that inspired them, starts with a double helping of Super Mario Bros. and boy… The staggering difference! The original Super Mario Bros. (review here!) is an all-time classic that’s still fun to play today, where as this is a complete flop that fails to even slightly evoke the spirit of its source material. Even ignoring the link to the all-time classic game, as a film it’s still pretty flawed… so let’s take a deeper look!

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Super Mario Bros. (NES) Review

Super Mario Bros Game

There have been times on this blog where a marathon has led me to having to review something that makes me go “What new can I possibly say about that?” This is one of those times. The original Super Mario Bros. is iconic, addictive and its influence on the industry can’t be overstated. Even in 2019 the game is still fun to play, a joy to listen to, and has charming sprite-based graphics… In other words, the polar opposite of the film version (reviewed here!) Let’s take a deeper look anyway.

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Game to Live Action Movie Marathon Starting Tomorrow!

G2M Marathon MOVIE

Just a quick note to say that a brand new, on-and-off, film marathon (or movie marathon, as that rolls off the tongue better!) will be starting here on this blog tomorrow, taking a look at a game and its movie adaptation in one go.

Tomorrow the (sadly done to death but it was the first one, so…) combo of Super Mario Bros., both the original NES game and the movie, will kick us off. We then go into Double Dragon, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, etc. I’d write out the whole list but not only would take a while, but some of the games may change down the road. They won’t always be the first one in the series (especially Resident Evil, as I’m already covered 1-3…), and sequel films won’t always get a review of the second game in a series either.

Some game films will be excluded as I have no knowledge of the games they’re based on, so it would kind of defeat the purpose of the marathon. One or two films that are based on games I’m familiar with but don’t own any games of will appear by themselves as “Bonus Reviews”. I think it will be a fun thing to do here and there, and I’m looking forward to re-watching some bad movies from the childhood/teens, and experiencing some brand new ones to complain about! Hooray?!

WCW vs. n.W.o. World Tour (N64) Review

WCW vs nWo World Tour

The Wrestling Game Rundown finally reaches the N64 AKI Engine games, my personal choice for the “Golden Age” of wrestling games. WCW vs. n.W.o. World Tour blew me away back when I first got it, it was a more solid and impactful feeling “Vs. The World” but with four people in the ring! Between this game, its sequel and Goldeneye, I was stuck on the N64 pretty solidly for a couple of years… So let’s take a look! Continue reading