Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai (Episodes 26 – 37) Review

In case you were wondering I haven’t forgotten about this series, it was the last of the reviews that were partly done when my personal tragedy occurred and I’ve only now got round to finishing it off / getting pictures. So what happened in the third chunk of Dragon Quest Adventures of Dai episodes? Well, quite a lot actually, including a very high-budget showdown between our titular hero and his father… Let’s take a look!

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Doctor Who: Under Pressure Review

The first in three random “left over” stories that appear in “The Age of Chaos” GN is an odd story, it’s an adventure with the Fourth Doctor where he meets up with the Third Doctor, told to Ace by the Seventh Doctor. So it’s a Seventh Doctor story but one that almost exclusively features the Fourth and Third. It was also extremely hard to find pictures for, but I managed it without resorting to breaking the book’s spine and scanning it myself! Hooray! Let’s take a look…

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Legends of Wrestling (PS2) Review

I remember being excited by the idea of Legends of Wrestling but it wasn’t until the second entry that I really enjoyed myself… and then the less said about entry #3 the better (well, until I review it, obviously…) So going back to LOW it was a strange experience, the golf swing-o-meter system is here like in LOW II though slightly worse and the roster, move variety and graphical style are also all far less. Makes sense given it came out first, but that did make it rather a chore to play through for this review… Oh well, let’s take a look!

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Doctor Who: The Age of Chaos Review

A few weeks late thanks mostly to a busy slate of Big Finish releases this month it’s time to take a look at the latest (and last for the foreseeable future) Doctor Who Magazine collected graphic novel release. It actually starts with the story that makes up the release’s overall title: The Age of Chaos, a story that was actually released stand alone outside of DWM and penned by the Sixth Doctor himself, Colin Baker. That all being said, is it actually any good? … Erm… Well, let’s just take a look, shall we?

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The Walking Dead – Season 10 Part 3 Review

My reviews of the first two parts of the Season can be found HERE and HERE.

As the final season of The Walking Dead kicks off I suddenly remembered that I never got round to watching the six “bonus” episodes of the previous season, mostly due to cancelling my regular TV subscription before they aired but thanks to Disney + having the entire Walking Dead uploaded I was able to catch up! … Man, with the exception of one, these were not worth it. Oh well, let’s take a look anyway!

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The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf Review

The latest in the line of Netflix “original Anime” that aren’t actually anime (serious guys, the only distinction in the country its created in, there’s nothing wrong with creating a more adult oriented animation and it being technically a cartoon…) The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf serves as a prequel to the Netflix live action series and focuses on the backstory of Geralt’s teacher Vesemir, who is set to debut in Season 2, and the downfall of the Witchers. A good premise then, did they pull it off?

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Neo: The World Ends With You (PS4) Anime UK News Review

So this was a an odd surprise! Square Enix got in touch with us and despite Anime UK News having never featured a game review before offered us a review code for Neo: The World Ends With You. While my fellow colleagues passed for various reasons I stepped up and played through it… over several weeks due to the whole full time job thing, meaning we’re several weeks passed the release date, but hey-ho. My review of the game, which looks a lot like how I review games on this blog (minus a spoiler embargo I had to follow), can be found by CLICKING HERE.

It was a fun game, but I’ll admit to being a bit lost as it went along…

Doctor Who: The God of Phantoms Review

The “Phillip Hinchcliffe Presents” range has been hit or miss with me. Some are classic moody sci-fi horror that the man is known for, others have been plain and not very interesting. Sadly “The God of Phantoms” falls into the latter category for me, which was especially bad given the story was over three hours long! Let’s take a closer look…

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Doctor Who: The Web of Fear Review

The Web of Fear was just released on Blu-Ray with a (badly) animated Episode 3, so it’s time to take a look! Web of Fear holds a special place in my heart because pre-2013 it was one of the few stories I really enjoyed despite being almost entirely photo-slide recon and then in 2013 it was discovered whole! (though sadly Episode 3, the episode that features the debut appearance of future Brigadier Allister Lethbridge-Stewart, was nicked before they were picked up…) Watching Web of Fear with just one episode of Recon was great, but what’s it like now, with an … experimental animated Episode 3? How does it hold up in general? Let’s take a look!

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Street Fighter Legends: Cammy & Origins: Akuma Review

So just before we enter Darkstalkers territory we have two more Street Fighter releases that are just sort of… floating about, so it made sense to just cover them now, especially Legends: Cammy, which is set around the same time as the books I just did (a.k.a did a few months ago now, but you know what I mean!). Origins: Akuma is exactly what you imagine it would be, for the record, whether that’s good or bad will depend on you expectations!

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