Bad Dudes vs. DragonNinja (NES) Review

Bad Dudes vs DragonNinja

Any game that has an opening that reads “The President has been kidnapped by ninjas. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the President?” deserves respect for not giving a crap about any kind of serious plot and having a laugh with itself, but is the actual game good? This is one of the only completely side-on, 2D Scrolling Beat ‘Em Ups I’ll be covering, but it’s also possibly the earliest example of the genre I actually played. Let’s see if I’m a bad enough dude to give this game a fair shake in 2020, shall we?

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Double Dragon 3 (Mega Drive) Review

Double Dragon 3

I brought Double Dragon III quite cheap at some point in my childhood, thinking it would “be like Streets of Rage”, a series I loved to death. Sadly, I was wrong, as Double Dragon III is … not good, or at least not the Mega Drive port anyway. It’s slow, unresponsive and not very pretty to look at, and it didn’t take long for me and my friends to head straight back to SoR2. Did I not give it a fair shake, or was I bang on the money? Let’s find out…

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Double Dragon II (NES) Review

Double Dragon II

Scrolling Sundays moves into week two, and with it the second (and I’m pretty sure last) game on the list that I didn’t actually play back in the day. I’ve already reviewed the original, and DD III is up next week (which I actually owned on the Mega Drive…) so given I have access to it via Nintendo Online, I thought I may as well complete the original Double Dragon trilogy rather than leave this out. It’s safe to say “The Revenge” is a big improvement over the original, but by how much? Let’s find out!

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Tomb Raider (PS1) Review

Tomb Raider

Funnily enough I’ve never really been into the Tomb Raider series. I played the original quite a bit around various friends’ houses, and I THINK I played the second one, also around a friend’s house, but that’s it really. I know all about the series because, let’s face it, it was the first 3D series to actually become “Iconic”, with Lara Croft herself becoming a gaming icon in no time flat. Still, along with giving you a look at the game that inspired the film, how does Tomb Raider play in 2020? Well…

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River City Ransom (NES) Review

River City Ransom

Time to finally kick of “Scrolling Sundays”! Oddly, the first two games in the weekly feature are ones I didn’t play back in the day, but since I have free access to them via Nintendo Online, I thought “why not?”. River City Ransom is a game I’ve been meaning to play for many years, so it was nice to finally sit down and play it a bunch. What’s this extremely early example of the genre like? Let’s find out!

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“Scrolling Sundays” A New Weekly Feature Starting Tomorrow!

Scrolling Sundays

So the news of the release of Streets of Rage 4 made me and my friend play through a whole bunch of Scrolling Beat ‘Em Ups, our favourite genre as kids, a couple of months ago, and I of course took a bunch of screencaps during our escapades with the hope of turning it into this very feature. Then we were both stuck in our own houses unable to meet due to a certain global crisis, so we only got through 15 or so…

Still! We got through our favourites (including SOR 1-3) so I decided to fill in the gaps myself, even if single player isn’t half as fun. Now why weekly and not “on and off” like my other featured things? Well, there are a lot of them, but they’re really easy to review for the most part because the Gameplay section is often brief (and the story even briefer!) so I knew I could easily write enough ahead that I could keep a review a week going, unlike the actually “on and off” Wrestling Rundown, which requires more than a single session of play plus some research to create. Sundays was previously the only day I never posted on (barring the old weekly marathons) so it won’t ever “get in the way” of other things I post, and “Scrolling Sundays” brought a brief smile to my face, so why not?

Much like my Games to Movies “on and off” Marathon (which is returning next week!) when I hit a series of games I’ll review them in a row, otherwise they’ll be reviewed in release order and will only feature games I’ve played in the past (funnily enough, with the exception of the first two games on the list that I played FOR this feature because they were on Nintendo Online) or present, I guess. This means I’ll only have to wait a few months to review Streets of Rage 4 instead of, like, over a year… hooray!

So look forward to plenty of overweight fire breathing guys, lift levels and questionably dressed women attacking with whips every Sunday morning!

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate (PS4) Review

Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate

So in between Outer Worlds and Resident Evil 3 Remake I played through Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate. Now, often Warriors games are pretty crazy, but given the premise of this game can be summed up as “Odin faces off with Zeus as a group of Three Kingdoms era Chinese warriors and some Samurai from the Japanese Sengoku period get caught in the middle”, this might take the cake. Bloody fun though! Let’s take a closer look…

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Resident Evil 3: Remake (PS4) Review

RE3 Remake

This all happened rather quickly (I still have one more PS4 game that I played before this to review, I guess that’ll be next week…), but that’s RE3 for you! Much like last year’s Resident Evil 2 Remake, the RE3 remake here is a stunning looking and easier to play recreation of the original game (once again already reviewed on this blog), but unlike the 2nd REmake this has some flaws, and doesn’t faithfully recreate the original 1-to-1. Is it still worth a play? Let’s find out!

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The Outer Worlds (PS4) Review

The Outer Worlds

What happens when Fallout has a child with Borderlands? Super Mario Bros. 3! Ha… ha… no, wait… that’s not right. The Outer Worlds! That’s the one! Seriously, The Outer Worlds is just the Bethesda Fallout engine in all but name, with the style and colour pallet more in-line with Borderlands. That being said, those two franchises are great, so this game’s great as well, right?

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