Assassin’s Creed (XBOX360) Review

I remember when this came out a lot of professional reviews were rightfully down on the game due to the repetitive nature of the missions, but I was too busy marvelling at the surroundings, having fun with the combat and generally enjoying the open world for it to bother me. Yes, eventually it all wore thin, but even then I thought to myself “what a great starting point, I bet the second one will be amazing”, and it was! Still, all these years later (and it’s weird talking about an XBOX360 game the same way I do a NES or SNES game, but there you go…) and it obviously hasn’t aged well due to the 1001 sequels that have improved and redefined it. Still, is it at least more fun than the film? Let’s find out!

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Dead Rising 2 / Off The Record (XBOX 360) Review

Dead Rising 2 was a pleasant surprise to me. Unlike the sequel film, the sequel game took what worked in the original and built on it while improving or getting rid of the things that didn’t. Sounds obvious, but not all sequels actually manage to do this! I played quite a bit of DR2, and then I brought the spin-off non-canon retelling titled “Off the Record”, which is why I’m including it here. Beyond the retold story and a few small addition, they’re essentially the same, so they’d be little point in doing separate reviews… Anyway, let’s have a look!

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Dead Rising (XBOX 360) Review

Dead Rising

The original Dead Rising was one of those games that looked amazing: free-roaming zombie outbreak in a mall with loads of weapons, including stupid comedic ones? Yes please! Sadly, upon playing it, the tight time limit and poor companion AI really let it down… At least by memory, what about now?! Has this somehow changed? I am replaying it because of the film I’m reviewing alongside it, or am I doing it because I truly believe something may have changed in the past decade or so? … Yeah. Well, maybe it’s not as bad as I remember? Let’s find out!

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Resident Evil 6 (XBOX360) Review

Resident Evil 6

Ah yes, Resident Evil 6, a prime example of trying to do too much leading to a poor end result. Four separate campaigns, seven lead characters, several different themes and tones but all with the same slightly clunky-feeling controls… it wasn’t great, and thankfully the reception of the game (not including sales given it’s still CAPCOM’s third bestselling game) led to Resident Evil VII going back to a horror focus, but that game will have to wait for another time, right now we end our look at the core Resident Evil games via the Game to Live Action Movie Marathon with Resi 6!

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Resident Evil 5 (XBOX 360) Review

Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 had a bit of a negativity swirling around it after release, for failing to live up to the previous entry, but I personally found it just as enjoyable to play (if still not very Resident Evil-y) but with the added fun to tying up the Chris-Wesker storyline. Ah well, at least 6 came along to take the heat off of it a few years later! So let’s take a look at Resi 5, on the same day we’re cover a film featuring Jill with her look and storyline from this game in it! Fitting!

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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam (XBOX 360) Review


To celebrate the last part of my review of the Original Gundam series going up on the main review site, I thought I’d review the first Gundam game I ever played over here on Hogan Game Reviews. Dynasty Warriors: Gundam was not only the first Gundam game I played, but it introduced me to the world of Gundam outside of Wing and Seed, the only two series I’d seen at that point. Ignoring all that, though, what’s it like to play now?

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