My Top 10 Games of 2021

Another year, another Top 10 Games list that only JUST made it to 10. Well, actually if I’m honest Number 10 is a bit of a cop out I put in because “Top 9” just sounds stupid. Still, given I’ve played a lot of older games this year it’s no surprise that I nearly fell short… Anyway, with that out of the way (and another reminder that I’m not a professional outlet and therefore if a game you think should be best isn’t on here it’s more likely that I just haven’t played it yet, if ever, than I think it wasn’t worthy) let’s take a look!

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Guardians of the Galaxy (PS4) Review

After sadly steering clear of the Avengers game due to, well, everything I was sceptical when this was announced. Thankfully the reviews made sure to point out that it was a single player story driven experience free of all the daily challenges and micro-transactions of its bigger brother, and soon it was on sale at £38.99 so I snapped it up, and I’m glad I did. It’s a fun game but a great story, one that obviously takes most of its cues from the film series but does add in a few more Marvel comic characters and locations into the mix as well. Let’s take a look!

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Mass Effect 1: Legendary Edition (PS4) Review

I’ve been wanting to play through the Mass Effect games for years, ever since seeing my friend play through most of the first game (an act that then meant I didn’t want to play it right away since the story was so fresh in my memory…) Well, after putting it off for years they release the “Legendary Edition” of all three games with some quality of life improvements and upgraded graphics so I saw my opportunity to finally experience the sweeping sci-fi saga for myself. As I haven’t played the original version this is purely talking about the Legendary version of ME1 which has had the most upgrades, so I’m afraid on this one occasion I have to ignore the original version of a game entirely rather than cover both at the same time like I’ve done in the past… With that said, let’s take a look!

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GTA2 (PS1) Review

I always like taking a look back at GTA2 (which it’s always referred to as on the cover and in the game, though obviously it stands for Grand Theft Auto 2…) as it still has the original top down view and gameplay but adds in a bunch of stuff that will become staples of future titles and a really fun gang reputation system that has never reappeared. Its setting is also unique, being set in an unspecific time period with a “retrofuturistic” aesthetic. Intrigued? I was back in 99! Let’s have a closer look…

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Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 (PS1) Review

The announcement of the “definitive edition” of the PS2 GTA trilogy made me look forward to plugging back through those games and eventually reviewing them for this site, so since I reviewed the original GTA back in 2016 (right at the start of my blog!) I thought I’d cap off the PS1 era of GTA before getting stuck into the remastered PS2 games. Before we get to GTA2 however we have the side-step (or “Expansion Pack”) from the original game: GTA London 1969, the only GTA game set outside of the states. Full of a humour, crime and a groovy 60s soundtrack I always enjoy my time with this game… for a while. Let’s take a look!

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Assassin’s Creed: Rogue Remastered (PS4) Review

With no new games particularly appealing to me this past summer and a sudden JRPG review I had to do (plus other things on my mind…) I haven’t had a lot of chance to dedicate to gaming, but I did finally fill in the gap in my Assassin’s Creed playthroughs with the PS4 “Remastered” edition of Rogue. It was originally released on the PS3 / XBOX 360 at the same time as Unity was on PS4/XBONE as a “make do” for previous generation owners, and as I had a PS4 at the time I played the latter and never picked this up… until now! What’s it like playing it after the three rebooted AC games have changed everything? Let’s find out…

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Legends of Wrestling (PS2) Review

I remember being excited by the idea of Legends of Wrestling but it wasn’t until the second entry that I really enjoyed myself… and then the less said about entry #3 the better (well, until I review it, obviously…) So going back to LOW it was a strange experience, the golf swing-o-meter system is here like in LOW II though slightly worse and the roster, move variety and graphical style are also all far less. Makes sense given it came out first, but that did make it rather a chore to play through for this review… Oh well, let’s take a look!

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Neo: The World Ends With You (PS4) Anime UK News Review

So this was a an odd surprise! Square Enix got in touch with us and despite Anime UK News having never featured a game review before offered us a review code for Neo: The World Ends With You. While my fellow colleagues passed for various reasons I stepped up and played through it… over several weeks due to the whole full time job thing, meaning we’re several weeks passed the release date, but hey-ho. My review of the game, which looks a lot like how I review games on this blog (minus a spoiler embargo I had to follow), can be found by CLICKING HERE.

It was a fun game, but I’ll admit to being a bit lost as it went along…

WWF Smackdown! Just Bring It! (PS2) Review

Just Bring It! is not only the first PS2 game on this never-ending marathon, but it’s also the last WWF game on it… because of the name change to WWE, obviously! Far from the last game from that company… It’s also the last game to have eight people in the ring at once for a good while, plus the first game to have proper commentary! … Man, the commentary… Me and my friend still quote it for a laugh sometimes… So with all these firsts and lasts, what’s it actually like? Let’s find out!

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