Dead Rising: Endgame Review

The original Dead Rising film, “Watchtower”, was a good laugh, a B-movie that stuck quite rigidly to the game world it was set in. Sadly, unlike Dead Rising’s second game, its second movie was a step down, and its B-movie charm all but gone and replaced with… I don’t know, dullness. I think they got away with it as a one off, but as they try to expand this live-action spin-off world I think they forgot what made the first work. More info? Let’s look deeper!

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Dead Rising 2 / Off The Record (XBOX 360) Review

Dead Rising 2 was a pleasant surprise to me. Unlike the sequel film, the sequel game took what worked in the original and built on it while improving or getting rid of the things that didn’t. Sounds obvious, but not all sequels actually manage to do this! I played quite a bit of DR2, and then I brought the spin-off non-canon retelling titled “Off the Record”, which is why I’m including it here. Beyond the retold story and a few small addition, they’re essentially the same, so they’d be little point in doing separate reviews… Anyway, let’s have a look!

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Dead Rising: Watchtower Review

Dead Rising Watchtower

You know, all things considered, Dead Rising: Watchtower has to be one of the better game adaptation movies out there. Now this comes mainly because the original games were pretty much based on cheesy zombie B-movies, so making a Dead Rising film as a cheesy zombie B-movie was a pretty simple task! It also oddly takes place within the game’s universe, referring to the events of Dead Rising 1 and 2 and even featuring game protagonist Frank West in the flesh. So it certainly scores well on the game adaptation front, but how does it do on the “fun film to watch” front?

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Dead Rising (XBOX 360) Review

Dead Rising

The original Dead Rising was one of those games that looked amazing: free-roaming zombie outbreak in a mall with loads of weapons, including stupid comedic ones? Yes please! Sadly, upon playing it, the tight time limit and poor companion AI really let it down… At least by memory, what about now?! Has this somehow changed? I am replaying it because of the film I’m reviewing alongside it, or am I doing it because I truly believe something may have changed in the past decade or so? … Yeah. Well, maybe it’s not as bad as I remember? Let’s find out!

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