Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (XBOX 360 / PS4) Review

Sleeping Dogs was a great game roughly 10 years ago, something I was reminded of when I did my “Games of the Decade” list. When Cyberpunk got delayed to right before Christmas I passed on it for now (and as it turns out I dodged a bullet there…) so I didn’t have a new game to play in late November and up to the holiday, so I looked through my digital collection of mostly Playstation Plus games I’ll never play but I added to my library “just in case” and saw this sitting there. It was under £5 at some point and I brought it for the hell of it, and combined with it still being on my mind I decided to play through it again, plus play the DLC for the first time. So what’s it like in 2020, and given there is very little difference, what was it like back then? Let’s find out! (note that all pictures are from the PS4 version as I can actually get screens from that console…)

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