Doom: Annihilation Review

We’re right near the end of this marathon of game-to-movies but we still have room for one more low-budget, bland adaptation that I’m betting most of you didn’t even know it existed. Doom: Annihilation saw what the previous film effort did and decided to… pretty much do the exact same thing, but with less budget. In other words it still feels closer to Doom 3 than the successful tongue-in-cheek reboot that spurred this film’s commission. Did it work?! Well, I mean if there was their plan was to remake Aliens but worse, it sure did…

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Doom 3: BFG Edition (XBOX360) Review

While it would’ve made more sense to cover what’s always looked like a great reboot in PS4/XBOX One’s “Doom” I’ve never actually played it myself, so instead I went with what was an unsuccessful reboot in Doom 3. Given the film I’m reviewing alongside it though, covering an unsuccessful reboot is rather apt! So let’s take a look at specifically the BFG remaster version of Doom 3, which at least improved on some of the perceived faults of the original…

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Doom (2005) Review


I remember watching the Doom film on TV about a year after it came out and thinking “well, it was generic, but still a good laugh”.15 years later and I feel half the same, in that it’s generic, but not really a good laugh any more. Now if you look at the original game you’ll see there isn’t much to go on, but that doesn’t mean they had to create the most cliché group of Space Marines ever conceived and remove all the demons! Ah well… let’s take a look!

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Doom (Atari Jaguar) Review

Doom Jaguar

“What?! The Atari Jaguar version, why the F-“ well let me cut you off there, weirdly enough this was the first version of the game I played (yes I owned a Jaguar back in the day… Hello buyer’s remorse!) and frankly, it’s likely to be the only chance I have to review a Jaguar game. I had, like, six or seven other games on the system, and I can’t see myself reviewing the others, with the possible exception of Alien vs. Predator… So yeah! The original Doom, inspiration for so… so many games to come after it, as well as a not so good film. Let’s take a ruddy good look!

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