DW: Scorched Earth Review

DW Scorched Earth

The main range continues to plough forward with the next Sixth Doctor / Constance / Flip story, and boy it’s a dozy. Scorched Earth takes place in France just after its liberation, in other words Constance’s near future, and so this story really explores the differences between Constance from the 1940s and Flip from the 2010s. Throw in some soldiers on all sides of the war and a fiery alien and you’ve got a hit on your hands! Let’s take a closer look.

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DW: Operation: Hellfire Review

DW Operation Hellfire

Much like with Poison of the Daleks, my immediate thought was “World War II again?” but unlike the Dalek story before this, I quickly thought to myself “That being said, the Third Doctor had very few historical-set stories, and never appeared in WWII, so…It’s actually quite fresh for this incarnation”. So ignoring the setting, is it fresh? or more importantly, is it any good? Let’s find out!

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DW: Poison of the Daleks Review

DW Poison of the Daleks

I was of two minds going into Poison of the Daleks. On the one hand I love the Third Doctor Adventures, especially now they have the Brigadier in the stories, but on the other hand, The Daleks, again? The Third Doctor already has the second most TV encounters with them out of the classic Doctors and they already appeared a couple of TDA sets ago. Oh well… Was Poison of the Daleks a treat or a retread? Let’s find out!

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DW: Shadow of the Sun Review

DW Shadow of the Sun

Shadow of the Sun is a “Lockdown Special Release”, recorded entirely from the casts’ homes. How does that effect the release? It doesn’t, other than a bonus Fourth Doctor release in May… which sounds good to me! The actual story is two parts bog-standard run-around, one part interesting religious examination. Does that mix work?! Let’s find out!

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DW: Cry of the Vultriss Review

DW Cry of the Vultriss

This month’s Main Range audio sees the return of the Sixth Doctor, Constance and Flip trio, plus the audio debut of the Ice Warrior “Ice Queen”. All this plus regular Ice Warriors, Ice Lords and Time Lord technology, and that’s a lot of returning or familiar elements, but what about the new Vultriss race? Does it all add up to a good story?! Let’s find out!

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DW: The Quest of the Engineer Review

DW The Quest of the Engineer

The fourth and final story in the ninth series of the Fourth Doctor Adventures (Numbers!) is an odd one. The setting and some of the scenes are really great and get the old imagination going, but some of the script is slow going, and the villain over-written. Does it balance out, or does it swing one way more than the other? Read on!

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DW: The Planet of Witches Review

DW The Planet of Witches

Series 9 of the “Fourth Doctor Adventures” continues onwards, but after the all-out classic of “Chase The Night”, what chance does “The Planet of Witches” have to stand out? Well, to be fair, it goes in a completely different direction and is perfectly fine. I guess the month in between listening sessions helps! So let’s take a closer look at the next Doctor-Romana-Adric-K9 four parter, shall we?

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DW: The Psychic Circus Review

DW The Psychic Circus

In the second of a strange makeshift “Seventh Doctor travelling alone meets a renegade time lord” trilogy, The Psychic Circus is actually, as you’d imagine, far more a prequel to the McCoy TV story “The Greatest Show in the Galaxy” than it is anything else, which is fine if you have a fond attachment to the serial… me? It’s alright, but did I need a two hour drop of backstory? Let’s find out!

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