DW: Fury From The Deep Review

It’s time for our next animated missing story, and this time it’s another “all parts were previously missing” story. I remember watching the Fury From The Deep recon in parts a good while ago and thinking it was probably really good, but man there was a lot of talking, and when you’re just “watching” photo stills that can get old quick. Does the addition of animation bring the story too proper life? Let’s find out!

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DW: Lords of the Red Planet Review

DW Lords of the Red Planet

So we had a bad 2nd Doctor Lost Story, then a good one, then a bad one, so sure enough the next (and final) one is a good one again! “Lords of the Red Planet” is an Ice Warriors origin story of sorts and was originally written by Brian Hayles, the man who created the Martian species, but it was eventually dropped in favour of a more traditional “base under siege” Ice Warriors story instead (“The Seeds of Death”) It has a larger cast than most of these earlier Lost Stories and generally is great fun, so let’s take a look!

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DW: The Queen of Time Review

DW The Queen of Time

A sense a pattern emerging, as the first Troughton era Lost Story was pretty awful, the second was good, and now… Yeah. This isn’t good. While it’s not as bad as Prison in Space, and certainly not as painfully insulting to the senses, Queen of Time instead commits the cardinal sin of being boring. Really, really boring. It was originally written by Brian Hayles, the same man who originally wrote the similarly boring Dark Planet Lost Story… so let’s take a look!

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DW: The Rosemariners Review

DW The Rosemariners

After the bit of a disaster that was “Prison in Space” (by which I mean complete disaster), it wasn’t hard for Rosemariners to be good, or at least an improvement. I’m happy to say that although the story didn’t light the world on fire, it was a fun story, and not sexist to the extreme! Hooray! Let’s take a look then, at this story from Donald Tosh, the script editor of several latter First Doctor stories, and is also the man who re-wrote his original script into this audio, so extra authentication!

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DW: Prison in Space Review

DW Prison in Space

The Lost Stories range reaches the Second Doctor and boy… it gets off to some kind of start, that’s for sure. I can only imagine how this story would’ve came across on TV at the time, let alone retrospectively. Credit to Simon Guerrier for not changing much of the original script because I can now truly look back on this and go “Yeah, I’m glad that didn’t get made”. So with all that being said, let’s take a look at the frankly sexist Prison in Space, and then suddenly gain a new respect for The Krotons (the story that ended up replacing it when this script was rejected after author Dick Sharples refused to do re-writes).

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DW: The Faceless Ones Review

DW The Faceless Ones

So this was a surprise a few months ago, especially as it was announced that all six episodes were being animated, given Episodes 1 and 3 still exist. Still, surprise? Yes. Bad news? Nope! One more “complete” Troughton story to watch, and with three ways to watch it depending on your preference (All six episodes full-colour animation, the existing episodes with Black and White animation for the missing ones, and a straight up photo recon) there was no reason to complain… What about the story itself though? Well…

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DW: Daughter of the Gods Review

DW Daughter of the Gods

Daughter of the Gods was pitched as a what if “5th Anniversary Story”, a classic multi-Doctor story but with, at that point, the only two Doctors. What ended up happening instead is a weird opportunity to explore the character of Katarina a bit more, a companion who barely lasted a handful of episodes, all of which are missing (and yet to be animated!) Either way I really enjoyed it, so that’s all that matters in the end! Let’s take a deeper look at it…

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DW: The Home Guard Review

DW The Home Guard

The first of two 2nd Doctor stories from last month that I’m finally catching up on, and I’m glad I listened to this one first because… well, it was a bit dull. It had some good concepts and performances, but it was quite a slog to get through, and it would have come across as far worse had I listened to it after the second story… But enough about that, let’s take a closer look at Home Guard, shall we?

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DW: The Macra Terror Review

DW The Macra Terror

A week after the Season 18 Blu-ray release and we get an even more anticipated HD release for Doctor Who: another fully animated missing story, in this case The Macra Terror! Yes, I never thought I’d see the day… would be an understatement, even after the release of Power. So how does the animated version stack up, and how is the story overall? Well…

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DW: The Power of the Daleks Review

DW The Power of the Daleks

I’ve experienced Power of the Daleks, which is entirely lost, four different ways now. I first listened to the soundtrack CD, then I watched a photo recon before watching the animated version after it came out two years ago. For this review I watched the blu-ray colourised version of the animated edition… I wonder what will happen when I watch it a fifth time! Anyway, Patrick Troughton’s debut story is a great one, it doesn’t actually hang on the idea of a new Doctor very long and instead tells a tense Dalek story where for five episodes the viewers watch on, waiting for the Daleks to turn on the humans, and when they do: yikes! Modern Who wishes it could have Daleks this threatening… Let’s take a closer look, then!

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