DW: The Macra Terror Review

DW The Macra Terror

A week after the Season 18 Blu-ray release and we get an even more anticipated HD release for Doctor Who: another fully animated missing story, in this case The Macra Terror! Yes, I never thought I’d see the day… would be an understatement, even after the release of Power. So how does the animated version stack up, and how is the story overall? Well…

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DW: The Power of the Daleks Review

DW The Power of the Daleks

I’ve experienced Power of the Daleks, which is entirely lost, four different ways now. I first listened to the soundtrack CD, then I watched a photo recon before watching the animated version after it came out two years ago. For this review I watched the blu-ray colourised version of the animated edition… I wonder what will happen when I watch it a fifth time! Anyway, Patrick Troughton’s debut story is a great one, it doesn’t actually hang on the idea of a new Doctor very long and instead tells a tense Dalek story where for five episodes the viewers watch on, waiting for the Daleks to turn on the humans, and when they do: yikes! Modern Who wishes it could have Daleks this threatening… Let’s take a closer look, then!

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DW: Bringer of Darkness & Land of the Blind Review

DW Bringer of Darkness and Land of the Blind

We end our run through the DWM graphic novel “Land of the Blind” with the titular story, as well as a single chapter bonus story (with Victoria and Daleks!), both from the 2nd Doctor era. Normally have two stories from two different TARDIS teams in one article would annoy me, but there will be so few Second Doctor DWM stories to list, it’s not going to hurt… Much. Anyway, how are the stories I hear you say? Well…

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DW: The Wreck of the World Review

DW Wreck of the World

Here we are, the last Doctor Who review of 2017… and it’s a cracker! The Wreck of the World is not only the best Early Adventures I’ve heard, but might be the best 2nd Doctor audio story in general. Good twisty plot, full of great characters and the lead trio have plenty of great dialogue and moments between them. What a great way to end the year!

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DW: The War Games Review

DW War Games

The regeneration-athon continues with the Second Doctor’s send-off. Much like his predecessor’s leaving story, this story is significant beyond just having a regeneration as it’s the first story to name The Doctor’s people as “Time Lords” and indeed the first to show Gallifrey (though the planet isn’t named) and other Time Lords besides the Doctor (and Susan, I guess). It’s also 10 episodes long, so… if you’re planning to watch each of these one a night then I’d get started early! I split it into two lots of five, but I’m obviously posting one a day, so…Good luck if you’re watching these as I post them! Anyway, let’s have a look at “The War Games”…

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DW: The Morton Legacy Review

DW The Morton Legacy

Having to wait until I get paid at the end of next week to renew my monthly range subscription for another 12 releases means that this Early Adventure comes first! (that sentence is going to be pointless to anyone who reads this review via the tabs above later on…) Anyway, I wasn’t expecting much from The Morton Legacy, it didn’t sound very interesting and the trailer did nothing for it, and sure enough, there wasn’t much to it. Rather dull, overall… Or am I lying for literally no reason?! You must read on to find out!

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DW: The Night Witches

DW Night Witches

The Early Adventures range returns to the Second Doctor era and once again faithfully recreates the era despite two of the lead cast no longer being with us. The Night Witches is a pure historical, though with that old sci-fi cliché of happening upon an exact doppelganger, in this case of companion Polly. Is the old act tired, or does it manage to pull it off? Let’s find out!

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