DW: Operation Proteus Review

DW Operation Proteus

Continuing on with looking at the comic stories contained within the Ground Zero GN, we now go back down the line of The Doctor to see the original (erm, well…. No, let’s just stick with original…) and his Granddaughter Susan in the still relatively rare pre-Unearthly Child period of their lives. Is this another fun three-issue romp? Let’s find out!

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DW: Daughter of the Gods Review

DW Daughter of the Gods

Daughter of the Gods was pitched as a what if “5th Anniversary Story”, a classic multi-Doctor story but with, at that point, the only two Doctors. What ended up happening instead is a weird opportunity to explore the character of Katarina a bit more, a companion who barely lasted a handful of episodes, all of which are missing (and yet to be animated!) Either way I really enjoyed it, so that’s all that matters in the end! Let’s take a deeper look at it…

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DW: An Unearthly Child Review

DW An Unearthly Child

How can I properly frame the importance of this episode? It should seem obvious being the very first episode, but it establishes pretty much everything: The Doctor is an alien with a police box that’s bigger on the inside than the outside, that can travel in both time and space. The imagination in Episode 1 for the time is still great today, it’s just a shame about Episodes 2 – 4, which decides to tell a relatively slow story about cavemen… Ah well, let’s have a good look overall and kick off the Doctor Debut Story countdown, shall we?

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DW: The Perpetual Bond Review

DW The Perpetual Bond

Kicking off the “Audio and comic companion debut marathon” is the only black and white era new companion to be introduced (unless you include the very old comics from TV Action, but I don’t have access to that stuff, so… sorry!), that being Oliver Harper. Creating a new companion for the First Doctor was met with wide raising of eyebrows, but it’s pulled off well in this trilogy (the other two parts of which I’ll get to down the line…) So let’s have a look at The Perpetual Bond, not only the first in this marathon, but the first Companion Chronicle I’ve reviewed!

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DW: Food for Thought Review

DW Food for Thought

Now here’s a rare thing: a First Doctor comic! Yes, I can’t imagine many more of these going up on the blog to be honest, he’s cameo’d and guest appeared in plenty, but very rarely had his own (apart from the TV Action! Comics from the 60s, but I don’t see them getting a physical release…) Anyway, Food For Thought is also an extremely early Nicholas Briggs script, though so early it doesn’t really have any of his hallmarks (good or bad) and instead is just a harmless little story. Let’s take a closer look.

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DW: The Tenth Planet Review

DW Tenth Planet

The “Regeneration Marathon” begins with a story that not only has the first ever regeneration, but also has the first ever appearance of the Cybermen! That’s a hell of a double whammy when it comes to recurring features in Doctor Who! So, does the story do both justice? Well, given they didn’t know how significant either would be, it actually plays as a pretty standard base under siege, though with the attackers being rather pathetic… Let’s take a closer look, either way!

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DW: The Dalek Invasion of Earth Review


Before deciding to do this blog I started a mini-marathon of one story for each Doctor, with each story being one I hadn’t seen / heard in ages. Seems like a good way to start filling out the “coming soon…” bits of the blog! For the First Doctor I chose this famous story, the second ever Dalek story and the first to show aliens of any kind invading Earth (even if it was a future version of it). How does it hold up (not including special effects, for obvious reasons…) ?

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