Doctor Who: Earth Aid Review

We mercifully reach the end of the Seventh Doctor Lost Stories, and sadly the Lost Stories as a whole (for now anyway!) Earth Aid was actually supposed to kick of Season 27 but it was instead reversed around to end it here, which meant Raine Creevy had to be written into it, so… it was an odd decision. Then again you can say that about the whole Lost Season to be honest, I still refused to believe it would’ve been like this had the series been renewed in 1990! ANYWAY, Earth Aid… Let’s take a look!

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Doctor Who: Animal Review

As I’ve already covered “Crime of the Centry” (click here!) Animal is next up, and out of the four “Season 27” Lost Stories it was the one in my head that I remembered quite liking, though I only really knew it as “the one that had Brigadier Bambera in it”, which I guess shows you how likely it is that my memory could be cheating! So was it good (at least comparatively)? Has my opinion changed with a second view… erm, listening? Let’s find out!

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Doctor Who: Thin Ice (Audio Lost Story) Review

Anyone who has read my review of the next story in the “Season 27” Lost Stories quartet, “Crime of the Century”, will know that I don’t have fond memories of these stories, but I did remember not minding this one that much. Upon relistening to it, the story… isn’t that good, but it’s definitely better than the next one, and if memory serves, the two after that. I guess we’ll see if that still holds true, but for now let’s look at “Thin Ice”, the lost story that was originally called “Ice Time” and was originally set to be Ace’s leaving story…

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Doctor Who: The Grey Man of the Mountain Review

Well, it was a good thing I listened to this before doing the Christmas stories list, because this sort of counts! At least in the same way “Flip-Flop” counts, as it’s set at Christmas with a few mentions of the holiday, but it’s otherwise a standalone story that isn’t itself “festive”. It also features Jon Culshaw’s always crazily accurate Brigadier, though the character’s involvement does raise a few confusing questions…

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Doctor Who: Flip-Flop Review

I’ll be honest with you, this time last week Flip-Flop wasn’t part of this marathon. It’d been well over a decade since I listened to it last and the fact it takes place on Christmas Eve/Day had completely slipped my mind. Still, a random look at a forum thread on “Doctor Who stories set at Christmas” and here we are! Flip-Flop isn’t actually very Chirstmassy, beyond a few mentions here and there, but it is very cleverly written! So let’s take a look…

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Doctor Who: The Flying Dutchman / Displaced Review

Hooray! More Ace and Hex! … In two two-part stories… okay, well, one of the best from this team was just a single part (“The Word Lord”) so still looking forward to it! … Oh, one story is crap and the other is just plain. What a shame given this trio is one of the best things to come out of Main Range, this is a sorry note for what is presumably their final outing in its original series…

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Doctor Who: Ground Zero Review

DW Ground Zero

Here we go then, the titular story and one of those infamous things you hear about as you start to dive deeper into fandom. While I won’t spoil the twist here, I have a spoiler warning in the review part for a reason, you’ve no doubt heard about why this story is so infamous at some point in your Who travels. Still, beyond THAT reason, is the story any good? Does it serve as a good lead in to the fantastic DWM Eighth Doctor comic run? Let’s find out!

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Doctor Who: The Psychic Circus Review

DW The Psychic Circus

In the second of a strange makeshift “Seventh Doctor travelling alone meets a renegade time lord” trilogy, The Psychic Circus is actually, as you’d imagine, far more a prequel to the McCoy TV story “The Greatest Show in the Galaxy” than it is anything else, which is fine if you have a fond attachment to the serial… me? It’s alright, but did I need a two hour drop of backstory? Let’s find out!

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Doctor Who: Dark Universe Review

DW Dark Universe

I was really looking forward to this release. As you may know from previous reviews here, I love The Eleven, he’s always good fun, and to see how he got captured before the opening to Doom Coalition was exciting. Then they throw in an older Ace, which is an interesting new string to the Doctor Who bow, and man… Really excited. *sigh*… A shame really…

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