DW: Time War Series 4 – Dreadshade and Restoration of the Daleks Review

Much to my relief we return to the second half of the fourth Time War box set to find it doesn’t let the side down after a fantastic first half. While neither Dreadshade or Restoration of the Daleks are as great and well thought out as Palindrome, they do up the war stakes and deliver some great moments, including a hell of an unexpected final scene! Let’s take a look…

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DW: Time War Series 4 – Palindrome Review

The fourth and currently final Eighth Doctor Time War set is here, and we start off with a two-part close inspection of Davros and his potential timelines, as well as generally featuring a lot of other general time shenanigans. Luckily it was written by John Dorney, so what could’ve easily been a mess was actually interesting and really fun to follow. Want to know more? Read on!

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DW: Tooth and Claw (Comic) Reivew

In the first of many things from the Eighth Doctor DWM comic run that will make you think of Russell T. Davies, Tooth and Claw the comic sees not only mythical creatures (though more like vampires than werewolves) but also sees the debut of Fey Truscott-Sade, a character that would go on to appear a fair few times across the magazine’s history. Let’s take a look, shall we?

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DW: The Keep / Fire and Brimstone Review

It’s fitting that the first Eighth Doctor DWM comic story after the already-covered Endgame is one that features the Threshold, given it was finally reading Ground Zero that made me decide to cover them in between the Lost Stories. What I’d forgotten about though was the inclusion of The Daleks, who I’d only remembered appearing in these Eighth Doctor strips when they become colour. Do all these elements (and more!) make a cohesive story? Let’s find out!

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Doctor Who: Stranded 1 – Must-See TV & Divine Intervention Review

DW Stranded 1 Part 2

With the cast and setting firmly established, it’s time to start teasing a longer narrative for the story arc (beyond being “stranded” obviously!) while still having fun with the new regulars. On both these counts the second half of Stranded 1 does exactly that, making for fun stories that also tease more to come. Want more info? Read on!

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Doctor Who: Stranded 1 – Lost Property & Wild Animals Review

DW Stranded 1 Part 1

Well, as advertised, the new Eighth Doctor storyline gets off to a rather… slow start. Stranded on Earth once again but with no UNIT to distract him, The Doctor, along with Liv and Helen, have to try and blend in with regular life in (a mysteriously COVID free) 2020 London. Does Doctor Who work in a contemporary and sometimes completely alien free setting? Let’s find out!

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DW: The Eight Doctors Review

DW The Eight Doctors

Here we go then! Having brought a kindle and starting to get into the habit of reading a bit before I go to bed, I thought I’d dip into some of the books relating to some of my favourite franchises here and there (probably more there than here, admittedly), and where better to start than with Doctor Who! Sadly, there are a LOT of better books to start with by all accounts, but I’ve had my eye on reading this for many, many years, and despite going into it knowing it won’t be very good, I wanted to finally get that “monkey” off my back. Plus this means I can add a “Books” section to each of the first Eight Doctor’s pages! Hooray! Let’s take a closer look then!

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DW: Ravenous 4 – Day of the Master Review

DW Ravenous 4 P2

The Ravenous storyline comes to an epic two-part conclusion, though really the epic and enjoyable parts about this story have nothing, or very little, to do with the Ravenous themselves. We do get some long awaited continuity with the Master though! So let’s take a look at “Day of the Master” and see how it all gets tied up…

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