DW: Situation Vacant Review

DW Situation Vacant

When I announced this Audio/Comic companion marathon I actually excluded Tamsin Drew because in reality she’s just a cog in the larger Lucie Miller storyline and only lasts two or three stories as an actual Doctor companion, but you know what? The Eighth Doctor names her in his death monologue, so why not? Save someone complaining I “left her out” anyway! With that all said, let’s take a look at Situation Vacant, a really fun hour of Doctor Who!

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DW: Blood of the Daleks Review

DW Blood of the Daleks

Blood of the Daleks holds a special place in my heart, being the first audio drama I ever listened to, let alone the first Doctor Who audio story in general. It was on the radio, and having seen the TV Movie and liked Paul McGann as the Doctor, I thought I’d give it a go, and literally hundreds of Doctor Who audios have followed since! More of note in terms of this blog is that it’s the debut of Lucie “Bleedin” Miller, one of the more fun original companions, and also saw the Eighth Doctor transfer from traditional, “old Who” four roughly 30 minute episodes per story, into the “new Who” format of roughly one hour stories, with some being two parters. Also, it’s a Dalek story! Phew, that’s a lot of baggage, but does it work? Well…

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DW: The Creed of the Kromon Review

DW The Creed of the Kromon

This story always stuck in my head as not a very good one, and I think that mainly has to do with how the general fan opinion is that … well, it’s not very good. Upon re-listening to it for this marathon, I can confirm that… it’s not very good. Still, it introduces C’rizz to the pantheon of Eighth Doctor companions, so that’s something! Let’s take a look overall then, and then swiftly forget about it all over again…

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DW: Mary’s Story Review

DW Marys Story

I actually forgot about the Eighth Doctor’s run with Mary Shelley as a companion when I announced this marathon, but I will quickly add her into it, even if she only lasts three more stories after this 30-minute one… Mary’s Story is a fun one, mind you, full of good atmosphere and two very different versions of the same incarnation of The Doctor. Intrigued? Read on!

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DW: Ophidius and Beautiful Freak Review

dw ophidius and beautiful freak

Ophidius introduces us to Destrii, who will go on to become a companion for the Eighth Doctor down the road, but it’s also the first Doctor Who Magazine comic to be published in full colour, which would continue from then onwards, so once again this Audio / Comic Companion Debut Story has more of an impact than just the new companion. While Ophidius is the lengthier story, Beautiful Freak is perhaps one of the more well written and sombre stories in Doctor Who in general, so is definitely the star of this double bill. Let’s take a closer look, regardless…

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DW: Endgame Review

dw endgame

Endgame is not just the debut for Izzy, but it’s the start of the Eighth Doctor’s great run in Doctor Who Magazine. As his Big Finish audio tenure went on the Doctor got more and more cynical and sarcastic, where as these comics have him just like in the TV movie: very excitable and funny. Izzy is a great companion too, a “nerdy” character within a very nerdy sci-fi series works great. So let’s take a look at Endgame (the story, not the whole Graphic novel…) and kick off the Eighth Doctor’s lengthy part in the Audio/Comic Companions Debut Marathon!

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DW: Ravenous 2 – Seizure Review

DW Rav2 P3

Ravenous 2 ends with “Seizure”, a story that goes full on with the horror clichés, though admittedly with a Doctor Who twist of being set inside a dying TARDIS. We’re finally introduced to the Ravenous, or a member of the Ravenous, who turns out is some sort of demonic… zombie… thing, who likes to have a bit of a chat. Let’s take a look!

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DW: Ravenous 2 – Better Watch Out / Fairytale of Salzburg Review

DW Rav2 P2

It’s the start of October and it’s time for a new Doctor Who Christmas story! The Eighth Doctor already holds the prize for best Doctor Who Christmas story with the classic audio “The Chimes of Midnight”, and while I don’t think this topples it, it’s a damn fine story. Creepy, fun and told with a really interesting story-within-story narrative, this two parter is not to be missed (though probably best listened to a little closer to December…)

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DW: Ravenous 2 – Escape from Kaldor Review

DW Ravenous 1 P1

Thanks to Ravenous 2 doing a two part story in the middle of the box, I’ve had to split it into three rather than the usual two, which is mildly annoying… Anyway! What isn’t mildly annoying is a fun story set on Kaldor itself, even if it lacks the kind of imagination I associate with the planet. Plus it adds several layers onto Liv Chenka, which is a nice bonus! Let’s take a closer look…

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DW: Storm Warning Review

DW Storm Warning

So, yeah, this isn’t Paul McGann’s debut story, that’s obviously the TV Movie, but as that was already covered in the Regeneration marathon I thought I’d follow the other pattern of these debut stories and cover Paul McGann’s first full story as The Doctor, which release-wise is Storm Warning. It also neatly crosses over with the “Audio / Comic Companion Debut Story” marathon I’ve been doing on and off (though not quite in the right order) as it features the debut of Charley, one of the more memorable and iconic Eighth Doctor companions. So… let’s get to it!

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