DW: Tartarus Review

DW Tartarus

Our second main range story of the month (yes, I’m aware it’s now October, so technically last month, but it’s been a busy time for me…) sees us jump backwards to the Fifth Doctor during his time with Nyssa and Tegan. The trio end up at Cicero’s villa and end up getting caught up in all sorts of Greek myths, and in the end, is that… a new companion?! Let’s find out!

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DW: The Legacy of Time Review

DW Legacy of Time

To celebrate 20 years of making Doctor Who audios, Big Finish released a special, roughly six-hour story titled “The Legacy of Time”, and now I’ve finally found the time to finish it, I can say it was a fun collection of stories, but was definitely just that. There wasn’t much of an over-arching plot, which is fine, it’s just different to what I was expecting. Let’s take a closer look!

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DW: The Kamelion Empire Review

DW Kamelion Empire

The Kamelion Empire is a story of two very clear halves, one is a moody tale going into the unique and interesting history of Kamelion’s people, and the second half a generic run-around with a very one-note sneering villain. The problem comes from the fact that this is supposed to be one story, not two like last month! Still, does the good outweigh the predictable? Let’s find out!

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DW: Black Thursday / Power Game Review

DW Black Thursday Power Game

The first ever Big Finish story starring Kamelion is now in the books, meaning this second (and third, I guess) story in the run has a little less intrigue around it, and if anything highlights a potential flaw in writing for the character: originality. Both stories once again feature Kamelion being influenced by another powerful mind, the only real plot point he had on TV, and a plot point from the previous audio story… Still, are Black Thursday and Power Game still worth listening to? Well…

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DW: Four to Doomsday Review

DW Four to Doomsday

So I thought with the blu-ray season sets being released now I’d watch and review at least one story from each season as they come out, rather than do the whole season in one go and ruin potential marathons for down the line. For Season 19 I chose Four to Doomsday, as I had already covered Castrovalva for the “Debut Story Marathon”, and it was the one I hadn’t seen in the longest… that wasn’t called Time-Flight… Let’s take a look then, at the story that is actually Davison’s debut in the role, recording-wise.

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DW: Castrovalva Review

DW Castrovalva

Castrovalva is the first story where the plot properly revolves around the after-effects of the regeneration, after the last three were pretty much regular stories with a new actor in the lead role. The story features our new Doctor in a weakened state, physically and mentally, leaving him sidelined for portions of the story (though not as sidelined as Adric!). Castrovalva also features The Master, making it three in a row for Anthony Ainley. So let’s see if this jumble is a fun mix or not!

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DW: The Eye of the Scorpion Review

DW Eye of the Scorpion

Eye of the Scorpion introduces us to Erimem, the should-be Pharaoh who ends up travelling with The Doctor and Peri (yes, the Fifth Doctor and Peri, which is a rare combo nowadays!) It’s also very nearly a pure historical, though the run of Doctor/Peri/Erimem has several actual pure historicals, so if anything it having a sci-fi element in its plot is more note worthy… Anyway, let’s have a look at Eye of the Scorpion then, shall we?

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DW: The Haunting of Thomas Brewster Review

DW Haunting of Thomas Brewster

Thomas Brewster is an odd companion, in that his two stints in the TARDIS are less Doctor-Companion and more “person forcing himself on The Doctor for a while”. It’s an interesting concept, but Brewster can be on the obnoxious side… As for his debut story? It’s good, full of atmosphere and some fun characters, though the music lets in down, especially when it’s played by itself for 20 seconds… Anyway, let’s take a look!

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DW: The Lunar Strangers Review

DW Lunar Strangers

Sinister cows on the moon! That’s about all you need to know about “The Lunar Strangers”, the next story from Doctor Who Magazine included in the “Land of the Blind” graphic novel. I mean that literally as well, once that core concept has been established, there isn’t really anything else to say about the story… Let’s have a look anyway!

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