Doctor Who – The Blazing Hour Review

Here we go then, not only the last stand-alone Fifth Doctor story in the classic “Main Range”, but also the last single Doctor, four-part story in the Main Range. While I’m sure the boxsets that replace it will be perfectly fine, it is a shame to say goodbye to what has always been the backbone of Big Finish Doctor Who. So before we get to the final multi-Doctor release next month let’s look at “The Blazing Hour”, a Fifth Doctor and Turlough story, which in itself is quite rare. Was it a good send off to the regular range’s standard format? Let’s find out!

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Doctor Who: Shadow of the Daleks 2 Review

It’s time for the second half of this makeshift “eight one-parters forming a sort-of whole” story and see how it comes to a close. The first part was a mixed bag of good and average, with the whole “meeting the same people in different roles” thing wearing a bit thin by the end. Is three more episodes worth it before getting to the big finale? Well…

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Doctor Who: The Children of Seth Review

Another Fifth Doctor Lost Story, another case of Nyssa getting her mind messed with! Also, another Big Finish story featuring David Warner doing his same voice… Ah well. What else does The Children of Seth offer? Why more politics and androids, obviously! Yes, this story does feel like a lot of existing Fifth Doctor stories mashed together, but is it any good? That’s the main question!

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Doctor Who: Hexagora Review

The Fifth Doctor lost stories rocket on then, as we get a very of-era story set on an alien world that has coincidentally copied Tudor London for their city, which would’ve been handy at the time for existing sets and costumes! Involving an old friend of Tegans and some body snatching, it’s got a lot going on, but is it good, or should it have stayed on the cutting room floor? … Wait, cutting room floor doesn’t make any sense, it was just never commissioned, erm… never mind.

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Doctor Who: Shadow of the Daleks 1 Review

The first half of Shadow of the Daleks is here! … What is it? It’s… well, it’s something that has come into being thanks to the Pandemic. It’s a series of eight half hour stories where the Fifth Doctor has accidentally found himself feeling the effects of the Time War his future selves are fighting, and as a result is meeting the same few faces in very different locations. Basically, two Main Range audio slots had to be removed and so they came up with a way to make new ones by re-using the same few actors/actresses who have good enough at-home recording set-ups. Does it work though? Hmmm… it’s a mixed bag…

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Doctor Who: The Elite Review

We reach the Fifth Doctor in our look at the Lost Stories range (not including the story I’ve already covered when it was released, obviously…) and we kick off with a bang! The Elite is one of the better Lost Stories, most importantly if you go into it without spoilers. This was my second time listening to it, and while it was still good nothing beats the memory of that first time reveal… Want to know more? Well, listen to it first, you’ll thank me! … Want to get spoiled anyway, or just want my thoughts? Read on!

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Doctor Who: The Curse of the Scarab Review

DW Curse of the Scarab

While I’ve finished playing catch up with the Doctor Who Audios, I just need to quickly run down the stories featured in the Graphic Novel “Ground Zero”, but as each story features a different Doctor I can’t group them up, so there may be a bit of a comicathon coming up!

Curse of the Scarab is set during that rare period of Fifth Doctor and Peri, a period that TV-wise was just two stories long, and also features the return of the Orsiran race. These were probably unique things back in the 90s, but Big Finish and Titan Comics of recent years have put an end to that! Let’s take a look anyway…

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Doctor Who: Nightmare Country Review

DW Nightmare Country

The Lost Stories make an unexpected return this month (as in it was unexpected when it was announced months ago…), starting with Nightmare Country, a Fifth Doctor story that was proposed for Season 21 but deemed too expensive to produce. This audio adaptation proved not only fun to listen to, but also… not really sure how it would have been too expensive, honestly. Either way, let’s have a look at Nightmare Country!

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