DW: The Children of Seth Review

Another Fifth Doctor Lost Story, another case of Nyssa getting her mind messed with! Also, another Big Finish story featuring David Warner doing his same voice… Ah well. What else does The Children of Seth offer? Why more politics and androids, obviously! Yes, this story does feel like a lot of existing Fifth Doctor stories mashed together, but is it any good? That’s the main question!

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DW: Hexagora Review

The Fifth Doctor lost stories rocket on then, as we get a very of-era story set on an alien world that has coincidentally copied Tudor London for their city, which would’ve been handy at the time for existing sets and costumes! Involving an old friend of Tegans and some body snatching, it’s got a lot going on, but is it good, or should it have stayed on the cutting room floor? … Wait, cutting room floor doesn’t make any sense, it was just never commissioned, erm… never mind.

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DW: The Elite Review

We reach the Fifth Doctor in our look at the Lost Stories range (not including the story I’ve already covered when it was released, obviously…) and we kick off with a bang! The Elite is one of the better Lost Stories, most importantly if you go into it without spoilers. This was my second time listening to it, and while it was still good nothing beats the memory of that first time reveal… Want to know more? Well, listen to it first, you’ll thank me! … Want to get spoiled anyway, or just want my thoughts? Read on!

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DW: The Valley of Death Review

The second of the two Fourth Doctor Lost Stories (for now!) is not lost in the same way as a lot of the other ones. “The Valley of Death” by all accounts is based on an idea Philip Hinchcliffe had during his time as a producer on the show where he wanted to do a story set in the Amazon, but sadly for him none of the writers were all that interested, so he dropped it. So it was an idea rather than anything already scripted or even pitched on paper, so although Mr. Hinchcliffe did give all his ideas to Jonathan Morris to adapt here, this feels more like a “Phillip Hinchcliffe Presents” release rather than a truly lost story. Still! The main thing is… well, is it any good? Let’s find out!

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DW: The Foe From The Future Review

When Tom Baker finally joined up with Big Finish most fans flocked to “Destination: Nerva”, the first Fourth Doctor Adventure, but I was one of the few who headed straight for the Fourth Doctor Lost Stories box set (which to be fair, was rather expensive at launch…) and so this was the first Fourth Doctor audio drama I heard, and boy… it’s a damn good one! Admittedly, looking back on it you can tell Tom is still just getting into the groove but hasn’t found the same older Fourth voice he eventually settled on yet. Still, is it a match for the six parter that eventually replaced it? Let’s find out!

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DW: The Mega Review

It’s time for the one and only Third Doctor lost story: The Mega. Told across six parts and featuring the full UNIT crew, the story could’ve been a lost classic for my favourite era of the show. Sadly it’s a good example of the occasional really dull and overly long stories you used to get in the era. It’s not a total lost cause or anything, but this could’ve stayed lost and I wouldn’t have been all that bothered…

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DW: Lords of the Red Planet Review

DW Lords of the Red Planet

So we had a bad 2nd Doctor Lost Story, then a good one, then a bad one, so sure enough the next (and final) one is a good one again! “Lords of the Red Planet” is an Ice Warriors origin story of sorts and was originally written by Brian Hayles, the man who created the Martian species, but it was eventually dropped in favour of a more traditional “base under siege” Ice Warriors story instead (“The Seeds of Death”) It has a larger cast than most of these earlier Lost Stories and generally is great fun, so let’s take a look!

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DW: The Queen of Time Review

DW The Queen of Time

A sense a pattern emerging, as the first Troughton era Lost Story was pretty awful, the second was good, and now… Yeah. This isn’t good. While it’s not as bad as Prison in Space, and certainly not as painfully insulting to the senses, Queen of Time instead commits the cardinal sin of being boring. Really, really boring. It was originally written by Brian Hayles, the same man who originally wrote the similarly boring Dark Planet Lost Story… so let’s take a look!

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DW: The Rosemariners Review

DW The Rosemariners

After the bit of a disaster that was “Prison in Space” (by which I mean complete disaster), it wasn’t hard for Rosemariners to be good, or at least an improvement. I’m happy to say that although the story didn’t light the world on fire, it was a fun story, and not sexist to the extreme! Hooray! Let’s take a look then, at this story from Donald Tosh, the script editor of several latter First Doctor stories, and is also the man who re-wrote his original script into this audio, so extra authentication!

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DW: Prison in Space Review

DW Prison in Space

The Lost Stories range reaches the Second Doctor and boy… it gets off to some kind of start, that’s for sure. I can only imagine how this story would’ve came across on TV at the time, let alone retrospectively. Credit to Simon Guerrier for not changing much of the original script because I can now truly look back on this and go “Yeah, I’m glad that didn’t get made”. So with all that being said, let’s take a look at the frankly sexist Prison in Space, and then suddenly gain a new respect for The Krotons (the story that ended up replacing it when this script was rejected after author Dick Sharples refused to do re-writes).

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