Doctor Who: Respond to All Calls – Girl Deconstructed & Fright Motif Review

After a rough and “out-of-period” three-part story we get some Ninth Doctor audio stories that are not only more tightly written and edited but feel far more like they belong alongside the 2005 series this Doctor originated from. Thankfully Christopher Eccleston is still on fine enthusiastic form behind the microphone so it makes for a fun time to listen. Want to know more? Of course you do!

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Doctor Who: Ravagers Review

Here we go then, the dream has become reality and Christopher Eccleston is back as The Doctor for full cast Big Finish audio dramas. Sadly Mr. Briggs naturally grabbed the first release for himself, all three episodes, so the story does fall into some of his pitfalls but does the excitement of hearing Mr. Eccleston as The Doctor again overcome them?! Let’s find out!

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Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious – All Flesh is Grass Review

Here we have it, ignoring all the side-content this is technically the “main event” where everything Time Lord Victorious comes together, and I will at least give it credit in that it does tie everything together well and juggles all three Doctors with ease, making this one of the most Doctor-interactive multi-Doctor stories ever. What’s it like as a whole though? Was the pay-off worth the wait? Let’s find out!

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Doctor Who: The Unquiet Dead Review

You know I’d completely forgotten this story was set at Christmas until last year, when I was preparing this marathon (that ended up getting delayed until now) and saw it pop up in a search I did to “make sure I hadn’t forgotten one”. It’s nice because reviewing a Ninth Doctor TV story is always going to be a rare thing, and Christmas Specials are sort of a classic thing post 2005, so it’s nice he got one. Anyway, ghosts and Charles Dickens? Sounds good to me! Let’s take a look…

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Doctor Who: Sin Eaters Review

DW Sin Eaters

Sin Eaters serves as a farewell to the Ninth Doctor Titan comics, giving us a good, pretty much stand-alone two-part story, then a somewhat hurried triple bill to end on. It’s good though, it’s a shame that out of the original foursome of “New Who” that the least served Doctor TV-wise would be the first to get their run cancelled, but hey-ho… let’s take a closer look!

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Doctor Who: Rose Review

DW Rose

This is not just a Doctor Debut Story, but it was the story that re-debuted the series in general and made it a success all over again. Writer Russell T. Davies looked back on past debut stories for this, specifically Spearhead from Space, and then weaved a more modern family story into it. The result is a very good adventure indeed, and a great debut for both Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor and Billie Piper’s Rose Tyler. Let’s take a closer look!

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Doctor Who: Supremacy of the Cybermen Review

DW Supremacy of the Cybermen

It’s a “of the Cybermen” double on this site, completely coincidentally. I finally end my run on the Titan Comics Year 2 graphics novels with this, the big crossover event… sort of. It features all four of the Doctors that had on-going comics in this year (as well as cameos from other Doctors!), but they’re all separate and never interact with each other. Oh, and the artwork is awful. Let’s take a deeper look, then!

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Doctor Who: Official Secrets Review

DW Official Secrets

Official Secrets contains two stories and sees the Ninth Doctor finally get his Brigadier story, and UNIT era Brig to boot! Apart from the always powerful tool of nostalgia though, is there any reason to track down this volume of the “Ninth Doctor Adventures” beyond the extreme close-up of Christopher Eccleston on the cover? Well…

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Doctor Who: Doctormania Review

DW Doctormania

I’ve now brought the last bunch of “Year Two” Titan Comics paperback releases, so let’s finish the frankly over-crowded year off, shall we? We start with the first of two volumes starring the Ninth Doctor and co., one where he encounters a rather fourth-wall-breaking show called “Doctor Who?” that’s all about him… Do they pull this rather on-the-nose story off? Did they bring back the Slitheen without doing any fart gags? Read on to find out!

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