Bernice Summerfield – Missing Persons Review

We reach the end of the “Box Set Era” of Bernice Summerfield (well, the “box sets not called ‘The New Adventures of” era anyway) and after a pretty poor final part to the previous box I wasn’t going into this with a lot of enthusiasm. Did it exceed my expectations? Meet them? Fail to even reach them?! Let’s find out!

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Bernice Summerfield – New Frontiers Review

Before we get to a new long string of main Doctor Who content to sprinkle across my blog I thought I’d quickly fill in two gaps in the “Spin Offs” section, namely the last two Bernice Summerfield boxes and the second and third series of River Song… so two female archaeologists in a row! Aren’t we lucky? When we last left Benny she is still getting used to her new group of allies and trying to reconnect with her dog-like son. Where did she go from there? Let’s find out!

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Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Plague Herds of Excelis Review

So here we reach the end of the Excelis story and have the debut of the original Bernice Summerfield series on the blog (don’t expect any more of those any time soon… though I will at least finish the box set era of Benny soon!) What I thought was just an extra tacked onto the trilogy with The Doctor and Greyvorn turns out to be really important as with the return of Iris Wildthyme comes the actual explanation of the mysterious relic and how the planet ends up in ruins… Let’s take a look!

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Bernice Summerfield: Legion Review

BS Legion

Bernice Summerfield has finally reached Legion, and … once again we get a boxset of mostly completely stand-alone episodes, one of which ended up being a backdoor pilot for a different audio series all together. It’s not a bad thing to have single stories from time to time, but after a box of them stalling time for Benny to get to Legion, it was an odd choice… Let’s take a look if they still stand well on their own, anyway!

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Bernice Summerfield – Road Trip Review

Benny Road Trip

Benny’s second boxset release, Road Trip, actually feels more like it was created after the run of boxes and just set “during the time Bernice was on her way to Legion”, as that plot thread from the end of Epoch doesn’t arrive until a 10-minute post credit sequence. That being said, for three stand-alone stories, it’s actually a good bunch of audio dramas, so I’m certainly not complaining after the far more dull start to this run… so let’s take a closer look!

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Bernice Summerfield – Epoch Review


A few months ago Big Finish had a big sale on and during it I picked up the five Bernice Summerfield boxsets that take place after her 11 series run (that I won’t be picking up without downloads…) but before her New Adventures range (that I brought as they were released a few years ago), so I thought I’d finally get round to listening to them, now we’re currently in between non-currently-released Who marathons. Epoch kicks things off with… a mish-mash of genres and characters that doesn’t fully work, sadly… It’s not all bad though, so let’s press on with the review!

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