DW: Time Lord Victorious – The Knight, The Fool and The Dead Review

Here we go then! The much hyped and talked about “Time Lord Victorious” inter-connected story arc kicks off with this 192-page novel. It sets the scene for what’s to come more than it tells a stand-alone story, but that’s okay, because by the final chapter I was really looking forward to what’s to come! So let’s kick the multi-format story strand off with the long winded “The Knight, The Fool and The Dead”.

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DW: Out of Time Review

If you asked me what my dream multi-Doctor story was, I’d always say “10th and 4th Doctors in a Two Doctors style crossover”. Well, earlier in the year this story was announced and I was thrilled! Finally something great came out of the currently not-at-all-great situation the world finds itself in as it allowed this apparently long-gestating story to finally be made due to Mr. Tennant’s TV schedule rather predictably being dramatically reduced. Does it live up to the hype? Does the addition of the Daleks add or take away from the experience? Let’s find out!

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DW: Facing Fate – The Good Companion Review

DW FF The Good Companion

So, after much delay, we reach the end of the current run of Titan Comics’ 10th Doctor and all things considered, it’s a fine send off. While certain things are still left up in the air that I hope one day will be revisited, “The Good Companion” at least had the feel of an epic series finale. Let’s take a look!

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DW: Facing Fate – Breakfast at Tyranny’s Review

DW Breakfast at Tyranny's

It’s time to resume our look at the Year Three Titan Doctor Who comics proper with the 10th Doctor, a run with the subtitle “Facing Fate” (a subtitle seems to be a theme with the three core Titan Doctors last year…) Volume 1 of this year has the frankly fantastic subtitle of “Breakfast at Tyranny’s” and sees our lead trio being manipulated by powerful forces, as they tend to do…

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DW: One Mile Down Review

DW One Mile Down

We continue our look at the third volume of the Tenth Doctor Adventures with One Mile Down. It’s a middle of the road story, containing both good and bad, and I can’t help but feel the Judoon, seen here front and centre of the cover image, were added for the sake of it, but without further beating around the bush, let’s have a closer look!

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DW: No Place Review

DW No Place

Kicking off the third volume of the Tenth Doctor Adventures then is a ghost story that is both a fun story in its own right, and a a great showcase as to why The Doctor and Donna are among the best pairing in the series’ long history. It also features both of Donna’s family members, which is great because it’s always nice to hear Bernard Cribbins! So let’s take a closer look then!

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DW: Revolutions of Terror Review

DW Revolutions of Terror

As we near the end of the Audio / Comics Companion Debut Marathon we reach the Titan comics range, a range I started covering on this blog from “Year 2” onwards, so this is slightly awkward as I’ll be going back to the start, before beginning to tackle “Year 3” in a month or so… Oh well! The Tenth Doctor’s new companion for the range, Gabby, is a fun character and their adventures get off to a good, and less complicated, start… so let’s have a look!

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DW: Silver Scream & The Fugitive Review

DW Silver Scream and Fugitive

This is a rare one, an IDW comic story (well, stories). I wasn’t a big fan of the IDW series, and re-reading these two confirmed that opinion. Wonky artwork (especially Silver Scream!) and endless, relentless call backs right from the off. The stories aren’t bad, but I just don’t like the presentation, not helped by the fact that I only own them digitally thanks to a Humble Bundle a fair few years ago. Either way though, I consider them “canon” to my personal Doctor Who timeline, so Emily and Matthew are indeed comic companions, so here they are in this marathon! Let’s take a look…

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DW: Hotel Historia & Thinktwice Review

DW Hotel Historia Thinktwice

The Comic/Audio Companion Debut Marathon enters the “NuWho” era of Doctor Who (and sadly, but not unexpectedly, skips the Ninth Doctor…) as we get the one and only Tenth Doctor comic companion from Doctor Who Magazine, though the first of three comic companions for Tennant’s incarnation of the Time Lord… So let’s have a look!

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