DW: Hotel Historia & Thinktwice Review

DW Hotel Historia Thinktwice

The Comic/Audio Companion Debut Marathon enters the “NuWho” era of Doctor Who (and sadly, but not unexpectedly, skips the Ninth Doctor…) as we get the one and only Tenth Doctor comic companion from Doctor Who Magazine, though the first of three comic companions for Tennant’s incarnation of the Time Lord… So let’s have a look!

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DW: The Christmas Invasion Review

DW The Christmas Invasion

Not even a year later (release-wise) from the previous debut story, we have David Tennant’s debut in the role, as well as the first Doctor Who Christmas Special (of the modern era, anyway…) The Christmas Invasion, as the title suggests, certainly doesn’t forget to remind you of what time of the year it was, but it at least doesn’t forget to tell a story about how the 10th Doctor came to be, and how Rose managed to adapt to the sudden change. So… let’s take a look! Ho-ho-ho! (it’s September as I write this…)

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DW: Supremacy of the Cybermen Review

DW Supremacy of the Cybermen

It’s a “of the Cybermen” double on this site, completely coincidentally. I finally end my run on the Titan Comics Year 2 graphics novels with this, the big crossover event… sort of. It features all four of the Doctors that had on-going comics in this year (as well as cameos from other Doctors!), but they’re all separate and never interact with each other. Oh, and the artwork is awful. Let’s take a deeper look, then!

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DW: War of Gods Review

DW War of Gods

Year two of the Tenth Doctor’s Titan Comics run comes to a big conclusion as everyone fights against the recently resurrected Sutekh. It’s a fun story, surprisingly focusing more on some character development than big set pieces. This volume also comes with a stand-alone story from Year Three, just to fill out the numbers, which is obviously less spectacular… Anyway, let’s have an overall look, shall we?

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DW: The Stolen Earth / Journey’s End Review

DW Stolen Earth Journeys End

We go from a story featuring The Doctor, Rose, Captain Jack and loads of Daleks to… a story featuring The Doctor, Rose, Captain Jack and loads of Daleks! Yes, it’s another two-part series finale Dalek-fest, this time with Davros! … and a 100 other characters, because why not? (I can tell you why not, if you like…) Plus: the regeneration where the Doctor actually doesn’t change, which is… retroactively handy for making the Eleventh Doctor’s final story great, but was annoying at the time. Let’s take a look!

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DW: The Day of the Doctor Review

DW The Day of the Doctor

It’s kind of a shame to cover this in the “Regeneration Marathon”, because really the War Doctor’s regeneration isn’t a big part of the story at all, and really this would be better suited for a hypothetical multi-Doctor story marathon, but I said I’d cover each regeneration in order, so here we go! It has the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors in key roles, John Hurt’s newly added War Doctor, plus Zygons, Daleks and an on screen appearance from Tom Baker himself! Throw in cameos by all other past and future Doctors (at that point) and you have a great 50th Anniversary story. So let’s take a look!

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