Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio Review

There is a sense of “it’s about time” with this review as it aired while this blog was in full swing, as evidence from the following series being covered as it aired, but I remember being really busy that Christmas and a few weeks later I hadn’t written a review for it, and it was too long since I saw it. So, here we are! “The Return of Doctor Mysterio” is a tongue-in-cheek look at the Superhero genre, specifically Superman, which while not exactly Christmassy it did at least lend itself to having a lot of fun. So let’s take a look!

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Doctor Who: The Husbands of River Song Review

The Husbands of River Song is a funny one, not just because it is legitimately funny, but instead of focusing on anything too Christmassy it instead ties a neat bow around the complicated history between The Doctor and River Song, making this the adventure she had just before her final appearance (or first appearance, from our and The Doctor’s perspective). Does it work? Well… let’s find out!

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Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension Review

DW The Lost Dimension

So Titan Comics’ Year Three comes to an end with a massive crossover storyline, as they tend to do. Last year’s crossover was something of a disappointment, but what about this year? Does throwing every Doctor at the thing until something sticks the best way to go about it? Can they have an entity called a “White Hole” without quoting the classic Red Dwarf episode?! Let’s find out!

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Doctor Who: Time Trials – A Confusion of Angels Review

DW TT A Confusion of Angels

So the previous story had three returning elements and was a bit too much… so let’s go with FOUR. Five if you include Missy (though she was more of a regular cast member during the TV series this is set in, so I can let that pass). While the previous story still managed to be fun, is this just too much? Was there any reason to have the Heavenly Host do battle with the Weeping Angels other than the fact they both angel themes? Let’s find out!

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Doctor Who: Time Trials – The Terror Beneath Review

DW TT The Terror Beneath

We enter the final straight in Titan Comics’ Year Three, with just three 12th Doctor books and the crossover to go. “Time Trials”, unlike the 10th and 11th Doctor runs this year, is a subtitle that means… nothing. In fact the three books from Year Three for Mr. Capaldi are all entirely standalone, as well as thankfully very good! In fact the opening story of this Graphic Novel had art that blew me away. So let’s take a look at it!

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Doctor Who: The Clockwise War Review

DW The Clockwise War

The Clockwise War promised a lot. It was the last Twelfth Doctor story in DWM, it featured the return of classic DWM character Fey, and the cover promised a look at a younger version of the War Doctor at long last. Somehow, The Clockwise War managed to pull all of this off to become the best DWM comic story since The Flood, and given how much I like the 8th Doctor’s DWM run, that says a lot! So let’s take a closer look…

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Doctor Who: The Parliament of Fear & Matildus Review

DW The Parliament of Fear & Matildus

The Twelfth Doctor DWM comics continues with the old three-part strip followed by a single part adventure (with far worse artwork) that has become a common occurrence for these comics. Parliament of Fear was quite good, where as Matildus, even given its short length, was not as good… Want more detail?! Read on!

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