Doctor Who – Revolution of the Daleks Review

Doctor Who returned to our screens with a New Year’s special, and a special featuring The Daleks no less! Sadly it also features some of head writer Chris Chibnall’s worse aspects, especially some political jabs that were, thankfully, out of date by the time this episode aired, but therefore making them a rather unpleasant reminder. Still, it also featured the proper, full-on return of Captain Jack Harkness, who frankly stole the show! … So let’s take a look!

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DW: Mistress of Chaos Review

It’s time to cover the fourth, final and titular story in the “Mistress of Chaos” collected release… “Mistress of Chaos”! The story covers quite a bit of ground and is highly connected to the first two stories of this graphic novel, making it feel close to the old Eighth Doctor “story arc in a graphic novel” format, though admittedly not anywhere near the heights of those… which few are, to be fair! So how does Mistress of Chaos stand on its own? Let’s find out!

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DW: The Power of the Mobox Review

The third of the four stories from “Mistress of Chaos” funnily enough features the Mobox, who made two major appearances in the past, both during the Eighth Doctor DWM run, the same run I’m currently covering on-and-off here at the moment! After Josiah Dogbolter’s daughter appearing in the first story it’s odd to see two examples of DWM bringing back their continuity so close together, given they normally just save it for big occasions. Is it any good, though? That’s the more relevant question!

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DW: The Warmonger Review

We’re due to resume our look at the Eighth Doctor DWM comics, but first there’s a new collected comics Graphic Novel release to cover in “Mistress of Chaos”, containing the first Thirteenth Doctor comics no less. “The Warmonger” kicks of this new era with an interesting concept and the return of a DWM villain, erm, sort of. So let’s take a look!

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DW: Ascension of the Cybermen / The Timeless Children Review

DW Ascension of the Cybermen The Timeless Children

Well… That was something! Who would have thought that Chris Chibnall, someone whose first series of Doctor Who had practically no connections to the show’s past, would suddenly drop a massive continuity bomb that would shake the very foundation of Who history forever? Not me! Plus underneath the major continuity shaking and another great performance by Sacha Dhawan as The Master is a really good Cybermen story, with a great new redesign to boot! So let’s take a look at this breath-taking double bill, shall we?

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DW: The Haunting of Villa Diodati Review

DW The Haunting of Villa Diodati

So, the Haunting of Villa Diodati does take place at the same time as a classic Big Finish story and makes it… unable to fit, while at the same time taking ideas from nearby stories as well. No doubt, not denying it. It’s also a really good story, so enjoyable that I don’t mind at all that history has been altered, as it tends to do a lot. So why is the story good? Well, it’s funny you should ask, because I was just about to write a review of it!

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DW: Can You Hear Me? Review

DW Can You Hear Me

It wasn’t my original plan to have these reviews go up the same day as the next episode, I swear! Anyway, Can You Hear Me? was a good episode, with the rarely-if-ever-used in the revived series idea of a God-like immortal villain walking around and hamming it up a bit, plus a look at mental health that while not as good as a certain past episode that tackled the subject, was still handled well. What’s my overall view? Read on!

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DW: Praxeus Review

DW Praxeus

Really behind at the moment thanks to work, but I refuse to let a Doctor Who review go up after the next episode has aired! I’m cutting it close this time, though! Praxeus was one of those in between episodes you get in the more arc heavy series, one that exists in its own little bubble and is perfectly fine, but you won’t really remember it a few weeks after it airs. So let’s review it!

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DW: Fugitive of the Judoon Review

DW Fugitive of the Judoon

Well, that was a bit crazy, wasn’t it? Fugitive of the Judoon on paper sounded like a pretty normal story with a returning alien race and turned out to be quite the mind bender. Since this is pre-spoiler warning, I’ll just say this: I didn’t see THAT coming, and I’ve watched, listened to and read a LOT of Doctor Who over the years! Let’s take a closer look then…

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