DW: Time Lord Victorious – The Knight, The Fool and The Dead Review

Here we go then! The much hyped and talked about “Time Lord Victorious” inter-connected story arc kicks off with this 192-page novel. It sets the scene for what’s to come more than it tells a stand-alone story, but that’s okay, because by the final chapter I was really looking forward to what’s to come! So let’s kick the multi-format story strand off with the long winded “The Knight, The Fool and The Dead”.

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DW: The Eight Doctors Review

DW The Eight Doctors

Here we go then! Having brought a kindle and starting to get into the habit of reading a bit before I go to bed, I thought I’d dip into some of the books relating to some of my favourite franchises here and there (probably more there than here, admittedly), and where better to start than with Doctor Who! Sadly, there are a LOT of better books to start with by all accounts, but I’ve had my eye on reading this for many, many years, and despite going into it knowing it won’t be very good, I wanted to finally get that “monkey” off my back. Plus this means I can add a “Books” section to each of the first Eight Doctor’s pages! Hooray! Let’s take a closer look then!

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