Super Castlevania IV (SNES) Review

Super Castlevania IV

I was excited when Simon and Ritcher Belmont were announced for Smash Ultimate, not just because I’ve wanted Simon in ever since Mega Man appeared as a NES-era 3rd party rep in the last game, but also it meant I got to cover a Castlevania game on this blog! I mean, I was going to eventually anyway, obviously, but this is a nice excuse to jump straight to the favourite one that I’ve played: Super Castlevania IV. Let’s take a look, and kick off the actual game review part of the Smash Ultimate countdown!

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Castlevania – Season 1 Overall Review

Castlevania S1

One of the weirder Netflix original shows to spring up, this animated series based on Castlevania (specifically Castlevania III) was an enjoyable watch, though it did suffer from needless gore and swearing in the first two episodes (reminded me of the old Manga Entertainment anime from the 90s, for those who know what I’m going on about…) the latter two were very entertaining. I don’t know if four 25-minute episodes can be called a season, but either way: let’s take a closer look!

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