The Walking Dead – Vol. 5 & 6: “The Best Defence” and “This Sorrowful Life” Review

(Anime on a Monday and a comic review on Friday?! Stupid review embargo!) My first look through the Walking Dead comics has brought me to the Governor and his Woodbury settlement, something that was a bit of a mess in the TV show and it turns out is a mess in the comics as well, just in a very different and far more literal way! Let’s take a look, then, but not too long of a look because yikes, some panels in these pages were quite the sight…

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The Walking Dead – Vol. 3 & 4: “Safety Behind Bars” and “The Heart’s Desire” Review

The next two volumes of The Walking Dead comic see the group set up in the Prison but things go quite differently than it did in the later TV adaptation as they really push the idea of the human survivors butting heads in a new world without law and what that means. It’s really good stuff and tonally very different from what I know as the show. It’s starting to seem like the people praising the comics may have been on to something…

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The Walking Dead – Vol.1 & 2: “Days Gone Bye” and “Miles Behind Us” Review

So for many years I’ve been seeing people say or being directly told that the original comic version of The Walking Dead is far better than the TV series, and frankly in recent years I have been wondering “what was this story like with Rick still in it?” so I’ve taken the plunge and brought the first compendium, though I’ll be reviewing them in batches of two volumes rather than all eight that made up the mammoth book at once… that would take some time to review! So let’s look at the original comic version of events, both the opening story and the Hershel farm part as well (they really stretched that one in the TV series didn’t they?)

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The Walking Dead – Season 11 Part 1 Review

It’s time for the final Part 1 review of a season of The Walking Dead, well that’s currently airing anyway (I will go back to do the older seasons on this blog at some point…) Much to my surprise these eight episodes have had a really high hit rate, with some standout episodes reaching a real pre-Rick’s-death high. Sadly the parts of these episodes I didn’t like are the parts that are setting up the next and final story arc, so that doesn’t bode well for the other two thirds, but hey-ho… Let’s look at Part 1, shall we?

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The Walking Dead – Season 10 Part 3 Review

My reviews of the first two parts of the Season can be found HERE and HERE.

As the final season of The Walking Dead kicks off I suddenly remembered that I never got round to watching the six “bonus” episodes of the previous season, mostly due to cancelling my regular TV subscription before they aired but thanks to Disney + having the entire Walking Dead uploaded I was able to catch up! … Man, with the exception of one, these were not worth it. Oh well, let’s take a look anyway!

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The Walking Dead – Season 10 Part 2 Review

Well, after a long wait the season finale of Season 10 aired… except now it isn’t the Season 10 finale, instead there will be a third batch of Season 10 episodes before what has been revealed as the final season… so I guess I’ll call that “Season 10 Part 3” whenever they end up airing… Anyway! Let’s review what was, at the time at least, planned to be the second and final half of the 10th season, shall we?

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The Walking Dead – Season 10 Part 1 Review

The Walking Dead S10 P1

I was going to just do a Season 10 overall review, but with the final episode being delayed further and further, I decided to do what I’ve done before and review the two halves, mostly because leave it any longer and it wouldn’t matter how many notes I made, I’d struggle to remember some of these episodes, which says a lot really…So let’s take a look then!

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The Walking Dead – Season 9 Part 2 Review


(My review of the first half of the season can be found by clicking HERE)

How does The Walking Dead function without Rick Grimes? Well, not too badly, as it turns out. While the series certainly feels like its missing a central character to focus on, there are enough interesting characters and plot left that when combined with an interesting new enemy to face, it’s led to a good few episodes of TV. Not perfect by any means, but good. Let’s take a closer look.

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The Walking Dead Season 9 – Part 1 Review

The Walking Dead S9 P1

Now I normally split Walking Dead seasons into pre-Christmas and post-Christmas, but given the well-publicised (and therefore fair game to talk about in the pre-spoiler section) exit of Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes in Episode 5, and how much of a shift will come from it from Episode 6 onwards, I thought it would make far more sense to split the series here. So with that being said, how was the exit of the series’ main character? Well…

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The Walking Dead – Season 8 Part 2 Review


(My review of the first half of the Season can be found by clicking HERE)

The second half of The Walking Dead’s 8th season gets off to a painfully slow start, but picks up quite nicely, ending with a really strong set of episodes. This comes as a great relief because, as poor as some episodes have been, this is the blow off to a several-season-long story arc and it needed the grand finale to deliver. Let’s take a look at the end of the “All Out War”.

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