The Walking Dead – Season 9 Part 2 Review


How does The Walking Dead function without Rick Grimes? Well, not too badly, as it turns out. While the series certainly feels like its missing a central character to focus on, there are enough interesting characters and plot left that when combined with an interesting new enemy to face, it’s led to a good few episodes of TV. Not perfect by any means, but good. Let’s take a closer look.

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The Walking Dead Season 9 – Part 1 Review

The Walking Dead S9 P1

Now I normally split Walking Dead seasons into pre-Christmas and post-Christmas, but given the well-publicised (and therefore fair game to talk about in the pre-spoiler section) exit of Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes in Episode 5, and how much of a shift will come from it from Episode 6 onwards, I thought it would make far more sense to split the series here. So with that being said, how was the exit of the series’ main character? Well…

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The Walking Dead – Season 8 Part 2 Review


The second half of The Walking Dead’s 8th season gets off to a painfully slow start, but picks up quite nicely, ending with a really strong set of episodes. This comes as a great relief because, as poor as some episodes have been, this is the blow off to a several-season-long story arc and it needed the grand finale to deliver. Let’s take a look at the end of the “All Out War”.

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The Walking Dead – Season 8 Part 1 Review


Do you like the endless sound of machine gun fire? How about fading shots of close ups to character’s faces? Well, if you said yes to either, you’ll love The Walking Dead Season 8! Seriously, while this half wasn’t without merit, it was a lot of noise and very little else, which given the subtitle to the season / comic book arc is “All Out War!” isn’t exactly unexpected, but I was still hoping for a bit of drama here and there… Let’s take a closer look anyway!

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