Power Move Pro Wrestling (PS1) Review

Power Move Pro Wrestling

The first entry into the Wrestling Game Rundown since the old game review blog got transferred over to this one, and it also happens to be the first 3D wrestling game on the list, and indeed the first 3D wrestling game I ever played. We’re also back into made up wrestlers / promotions side of things, though only briefly! (well, for the entire roster, anyway…) So let’s have a look at this old PS1 game, see if it’s a hidden gem, or a blocky mess… or both!

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Total Recall (1990) Review

Total Recall

It was hard to pick a 90s sci-fi film for my decades marathon, given the key part of the title being “haven’t seen”, as having been born in the mid-80s I grew up on 90s films, be it at the cinema or flicking around on the TV. I ended up choosing Total Recall as I knew at some point I’d caught the film half-way through, and I’m pretty sure I’d seen bits of the start somehow or another, but I’d never sat down and watched it from start to finish. Turns out that this was a rather important part, more so than a lot of films…

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DW: Mary’s Story Review

DW Marys Story

I actually forgot about the Eighth Doctor’s run with Mary Shelley as a companion when I announced this marathon, but I will quickly add her into it, even if she only lasts three more stories after this 30-minute one… Mary’s Story is a fun one, mind you, full of good atmosphere and two very different versions of the same incarnation of The Doctor. Intrigued? Read on!

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Titans – Season 1 Overall Review

Titans S1

Titans, shown over here in the UK on Netflix, reminded me a lot of Krypton, not by tone of story or focusing on any kind of specific origin, but in that after the first two or three episodes I was considering turning it off, but now I’m happy enough that I stuck with it. It’s not an amazing show, but the last two-thirds of the season was a fun watch nonetheless. Let’s take a closer look…

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The Diary of River Song – Series 5 Episodes 3 and 4 Review


The fifth series (or Box set, if you like) of The Diary of River Song finishes up with a second half much like the first: two stories that are really fun to listen to, but a bit light on any major story arcs or development. Also like in the first half, one story features an incarnation of The Master that had yet to appear on Big Finish audio, in this case Eric Roberts’ version from the TV Movie! … Yay? … Sort of? Let’s find out!

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The Punisher – Season 2 Overall Review

punisher s2

The Punisher’s second season was less focused than the first, and told a less compelling story, but it has to be said that it was still fun to watch. Ben Barnes’ Billy Russo was believably crazy and The Punisher is still an interestingly broken character himself. Let’s take a closer look at the series overall, then…

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The Diary of River Song – Series 5 Episodes 1 and 2 Review

dw dors s5 p1

The Fifth Series of Diary of River Song takes a side step from the “River meets past incarnations of the Doctor” set up and instead goes with “River meets different incarnations of The Master”. The first two stories includes the Big Finish debut of Missy, the first bit of Twelfth Doctor continuity to hit the audios, and unsurprisingly, is very fun indeed! Let’s have a look at River meeting both Missy, and rather more serious “melty Master”, in this first half of the set…

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