One Piece – Wano Arc (Episodes 981 – 1011) Review

I’ve been waiting for a natural break in One Piece’s Wano Arc but with the storyline is in full swing now everyone has actually made it to Onigashima, it’s been more tricky. Thankfully the end of Episode 1011 (yes, Episode one thousand and eleven…) had at least a nice little cliffhanger to end on, sort of literally! So as we do two or three times a year, let’s take a look at a chunk of recently-aired One Piece!

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One Piece – Wano Arc (Episodes 957 – 980) Review

The Wano Arc once again reaches another ideal breaking off point so I thought I’d review another batch. Admittedly the majority of these episodes are an extended flashback to the life of Kozuki Oden, the man who the Akazaya Nine have been banging on about for years now so the plot hasn’t moved as far forward as you’d might think… Let’s take a look!

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One Piece – Wano Arc (Episodes 930 – 956) Review

I was planning of having bigger chunks of this One Piece arc, but episode 956 ended on such a definitive note that it seemed too perfect not to use! So the Wano arc continued on, focusing mostly on Luffy’s struggles in a labour camp, though it did at least feature some other characters and locations, so it wasn’t all bad. Let’s take a look at “Wano Arc – Act II”! (or the part of it left from the previous review chunk…)

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One Piece – Wano Arc (892 – 929) Review

One Piece Wano Arc Part 1

So a bit of a big leap forward in terms of One Piece reviews on this blog, but that’s Crunchyroll UK finally getting streaming rights for you! Yes, I’m covering a batch of recently-aired episodes (stopping at the point where the pandemic stopped the series, though it has resumed before this has gone up!), obviously this isn’t the end of older One Piece reviews as given I do them in batches of roughly 30 or so episodes, these new episode reviews will only be once or twice a year! SO the Wano Arc sees the crew finally arrive in the long-teased country, with the large looming shadow of the even longer teased Kaido in the background. Let’s take a look at how it starts!

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One Piece – Marineford Arc (Episodes 457 – 491) Review

OP Marineford Arc

Here we finally are: The Marineford Arc. When I started getting into One Piece proper I heard about this then-publishing story arc, a showdown with the most teased-as-powerful characters finally unleashing a fraction of their power in a big war with Luffy’s brother Ace’s life in the centre of it, and thought it sounded great. I obviously heard of the ending long ago, which takes some of the edge off of it, but I still enjoyed my long-awaited watch through of the story arc. So let’s take an overall look at it, shall we?

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One Piece – Amazon Lily Arc (Episodes 406 – 421) Review

One Piece AL Arc

I was warned that the Amazon Lily arc of One Piece was… not very good, to put it mildly. I assumed it would just be a silly jokey thing sandwiched in between an arc with a darker ending, and two arcs that are also far more dramatic to come, and I was right for the most part, it’s just the silly jokes turned out to be old-fashioned and really not very funny. The best compliment I can give it is that it’s mercifully short! So let’s have a look…

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One Piece – Sabaody Archipelago Arc (Episodes 385 – 405) Review

one piece sa arc

In the second of two One Piece reviews for this… probably half of the year knowing the pace I manage to watch the show at, the Sabaody Archipelago arc is a hell of a lot better than what came before it. Full of fun and interesting new characters, some interesting concepts and a classic, proper “air punching” great moment. That being said, the arc’s true highlight is a rather sombre ending… Let’s take a closer look.

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One Piece – Thriller Bark Arc (Episodes 337 – 381) Review

one piece tba

Now to say I’m “way behind” on One Piece would be a massive understatement. Even the UK released DVD collections I’m a good few collections behind, and those don’t even cover half the series… that’s still airing weekly! Still, I really enjoy the series when I get to sit down and watch it, though I’ll admit that this arc was a real slog, and because of that I haven’t been keeping up, it was only the realisation that the latest release here in the UK covers the big Luffy-Ace moment that I’ve, sadly, heard all about that’s spurred me on to finish this story and move on to the next. So let’s get the Thriller Bark Arc out of the way and move on to greener pastures… I hope!

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