Doctor Who Christmas Catch Up Marathon Starting Tomorrow!

Hi all!

Alongside my regular, roughly 9.10am posts on most weekdays (plus Scrolling Sundays of course!) I’ll be putting up an extra Doctor Who review at 2:30pm between tomorrow and December 23rd. Each story is a Christmas themed story (that I haven’t already reviewed) that will culminate with a “Ranking all the Doctor Who Christmas Stories” list on Christmas Eve (which WILL include the ones I’ve already reviewed, obviously!) In order to not give the game away the reviews will be uploaded in Doctor order, rather than any order of preference! (Also it won’t feature “Spare Parts”, because although there are references to the Mondas version of Christmas, it just… doesn’t fit in my mind as a “Christmas Story”. Also I’m sure there are one-off comics set at Christmas by Titan and IDW, but they don’t end up in the collected GNs I have, so I can’t comment on them!)

For the sake of not over-Who-ing this blog I have put the DWM Eighth Doctor comics/Lost Stories rundown on hold until January, though given the amount of Big Finish releases and Time Lord Victorious stories there are this month a few days with two Doctor Who reviews going up is unavoidable, so sorry if that part of the blog doesn’t appeal!

After all, given how 2020 has gone, who doesn’t want some extra Christmas things? (though being honest I started this last year then ran out of time, so… yeah. Some of these reviews are a year or more old! … of things much older, so makes no difference to anyone but me, but there you go… man this is a rambling bracketed comment… I’ll stop now.)

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