Street Fighter Legends: Cammy & Origins: Akuma Review

So just before we enter Darkstalkers territory we have two more Street Fighter releases that are just sort of… floating about, so it made sense to just cover them now, especially Legends: Cammy, which is set around the same time as the books I just did (a.k.a did a few months ago now, but you know what I mean!). Origins: Akuma is exactly what you imagine it would be, for the record, whether that’s good or bad will depend on you expectations!

Official Synopsis (of Legends: Cammy):

Cammy now leads the all-new special ops team “Delta Blue”, as they keep England and the world safe from destructive forces. Whether its art thieves, cyber assaults, or would-be world conquerors, Cammy and Delta Blue are ready to face the enemies of freedom and justice everywhere!

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

The Good:

I know Cammy, 2 on 2! What do they think this is, Rival Schools?

Legends: Cammy is a good self-contained story. Cammy now leads “Delta Blue” instead of Red and its comprised of other amnesiac Shadaloo experiments Abel, Juni and Juli, as well as young tech genius George Ginzu from Red. Having all those people in one place is handy for Shadaloo operative FENG as he needs their residual psycho power to bring M. Bison back to life, and this starts by Juni reawakening to her Shadaloo Doll conditioning. Cammy follows her and runs into not only crazy ex-Shadalo agent Juri and government agent C. Viper but also Decapre, who is still under Shadaloo’s control. A real reunion of mostly low-tier Street Fighter women!

They fight but Cammy loses sight of Juni, leading to the top brass to wonder is Delta Blue was a good idea (for the record, it probably wasn’t…) Soon Abel is captured as well leading to a showdown at FENG’s base, but although Cammy and the remaining Delta Blue members manage to save their own they don’t stop M. Bison’s resurrection (now supporting his white hair from SFV), who soon escapes after beating a few people up. This doesn’t hamper Delta Blue though, they’re still dedicated to undoing all the damage done to current and ex-Dolls around the world…

Like I said it was a fun little story and unlike the other Legends titles felt like it was a significant part of the UDON Street Fighter timeline.

The artwork was good, and for the record the artwork in Origins: Akuma was frequently stunning as well…

The Bad:

Child Akuma takes on a bear, because of course he did!

As mentioned, Origins: Akuma looks great but story wise? Not very interesting. I don’t know if the UDON comics has just over-Akuma’d me or whether the fact that the whole time I was thinking “I enjoyed the Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist version more” had too much of a negative impact or what, but I just never got into it. We see Akuma’s dad get killed in front of the young boy as he escapes his village with Gouken and their mother, then Akuma trains with Goutetsu and eventually heads out into the world and takes part in some underground, well, street fighting. It’s here he starts to develop the Satsui no Hado and embrace the evil inside, all the while Gouken arrives at Goutetsu’s and begins his training.

Akuma returns and the two (unaware of each other) are given the final test: to sit in a cave deep in the mountains and meditate until called for. They both do this for many days and then are offered the chance to kill their father’s killer, and while Gouken passes by seeing no merit in it Akuma heads to the village and before killing him finds out that Goutetsu had put the assassin up to it in the first place.

Akuma about to receive his overly large prayer beads… by killing his Master, obviously.

Akuma returns, confronts and kills Goutetsu before leaving the dojo and heading out to become even more full of hatred, as he does. Just as Gouken finds and begins to raise Ryu he heads off to confront his brother, and the two have their first fight, one that ends with Akuma tumbling down a waterfall…

Overall it’s visually very appealing but I found the story not very engaging, probably because Akuma himself isn’t all that interesting of a character…

Overall Thoughts:

And what kind of welcome is that? Constant failure? (Ha! Got him!)

A tale of two halves as Legends: Cammy was an enjoyable quick read while Origins: Akuma was longer but far less interesting (admittedly with superior artwork though!) Split scores it is!

Legends: Cammy

Origins: Akuma

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