Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System – Case 02 “First Guardian” Review

The next mini-movie in the Psych-Pass: Sinners of the System run focuses on enforcer Teppei Sugo and the events that led him from an army man to “disgraced” enforcer as he mulls over an offer to join Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He never stood out as a character in the series, to the point where I can’t even remember him BEING in the original series, but this certainly did a good job of giving me a reason to care about him in the future! Let’s take a look…


Enforcer Teppei Sugo was a former respected military officer whose troubled past caused his hue to cloud and landed him in the job he finds himself in. As a new job offer lies on the table Sugo remembers the events that led him there…

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

The Good:

Teppei during the good old days when he killed people from afar without the inherent guilt of seeing his actions personally. Awwww…

As mentioned several time already this is all about how Teppei Sugo went from military officer to Bureau Enforcer. He was in charge of air support for a strike team and was close to several members of the group, especially their commander Itsuki Otomo and his wife Rin, who was also the team’s ground commander. During a top secret mission the entire ground team, including Itsuki, was wiped out and all Rin and Sugo were told was that he was MIA after the enemy attacked. Some times passes and both of them have a hard time coming to grips with what happened and idea of civilian life but it gets worse when a series of attacks is linked to Itsuki thanks to some captured footage. Bureau Officer Risa Aoyanagi and Enforcer Masaoka arrive and interview them both to see if they know anything, but they both are unable to help.

Some scenes of investigation follow as Teppei joins the Bureau in digging into what happened and its eventually revealed that the whole mission was to test a horrible new bioweapon on the country they were “defending against” and the weapon also wiped out the strike team. Itsuki found out about this and programmed a pair of androids that took on his likeness to get revenge of those who planned the operation after his death. While classic Psycho-Pass lead character Shinya Kogami takes out one Android in Tokyo Risa, Masaoka and Sugo track down the second one, eventually leading Teppei to finally best the man who had trained him to fight in the first place, or at least a robot facsimile of him anyway. During this time Rin had found out the truth as well and confronted the general who signed off on it but is killed before extracting revenge. This act of direct murder however finally clouded the general’s psycho-pass and therefore allowed the Bureau to terminate him.

Teppei during the bad old day when he choked the android duplicate of his old friend to death. Awwww?

After these troubling events, to put it mildly, Teppei’s hue is also clouded but he accepts a place as an enforcer rather than any rehabilitation clinic. In the present day Sugo turns down an offer to join the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and wants to stick with the Bureau. It’s an enjoyable hour of anime overall, and sadly the last appearance of gumshoe detective Masaoka as his voice actor passed away shortly after and his character was retired out of respect. There is actually a nice scene where he visits his wife during this investigation and gets a berating from his son Ginoza, as of course this is set before the original Psycho-Pass series. In retrospect it was nice to give him a bit more focus for his last appearance…

The Bad:

Kogami chases one of the android Itsukis into the well-lit part of town.

Not a lot, but again that doesn’t mean its perfect. It felt like a filler episode of an anime just with a higher budget. Sure it was fun to watch but in the grand scheme of things it didn’t add anything to the story or the world around it. It added backstory to a character who successfully faded into the background before this story (or maybe it’s just been a really long time since I watched Psycho-Pass 2, I don’t know…) but at the end of the day it’s just good, not great.

Overall Thoughts:

One of the last appearances of Masaoka… not that hardly any of the main cast appeared in Psycho-Pass 3 anyway…

Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System’s second “case” is much like the first, it was a fun hour of sci-fi with a good plot but its hour running time and focus on a character that in the grand scheme of things isn’t that important means it doesn’t really have any sticking power. Still, you could do a lot worse than sit down with this for an hour!

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