Attack on Titan – The Final Season (Episodes 76 – 87) Review

Attack on Titan’s final sea- … oh, right, the second half of Attack on Titan’s final sea- … Oh, okay then. The second third of the Attack on Titan’s final season was full of fun plot twists and really delved deep into the lore of the series, so much so that despite me poking fun at the “Final Season” now being three seasons long I’m happy they didn’t have to rush anything. So after a delay of a month or so let’s finally get a review up!

The show wastes no time in picking up where the previous third ended as Eren takes on Reiner and Porco in a three-way Titan battle after the army from Marley invaded Paradis just after our main hero turned on all his friends and seemingly jumped on board a plan that would see all his people euthanised. While he’s doing this his traumatised friends are eventually released when the invading army begins to turn the tide, though the prospect of assisting Eren after all he’s done doesn’t immediately sit right with most of our cast (apart from Armin, who is as naively dedicated as ever, despite his earlier beating) but seeing their home island reduced to ash is even less appealing so they agree. This sets off a full-scale human vs. human war again, though this time on “home soil” in terms of the viewers of the show, so it had a bit more impact.

Giant naked blood bath brawls! That’s what Attack on Titan is all about.

Meanwhile Zeke survived his confrontation with Levi (who is also seemingly alive, but barely) and arrives in time to assist Eren and try to touch our protagonist and set off his transformation into the Founding Titan. Now what happens next might belong in the spoiler section, but not only does it happen in the first few episodes but it’s right there in the opening, both visually and in the lyrics, so I’ll talk about it! Zeke and Eren do manage to touch (just as the latter is decapitated, long story…) and the two half-brothers get to spend some time in a weird side-dimension known as the “Paths” that’s exclusively available to the children of Ymir… and in fact is home to Ymir herself! Yes, the original Titan from 2,000 years prior to the story has spent all that time in this side dimension, apparently crafting Titans and watching.

Eren reveals that he isn’t on board with the euthanasia plan and instead plans on killing everyone who isn’t part of Paradis as the only way to make sure his friends remain safe. Hmm… not exactly a much saner plan, but there you go. Zeke tries to show Eren the error of his ways via some flashbacks but ends up only seeing their father in a new light, and then finds out that Eren’s Titan transformation has allowed him to influence the past and he has actually been manipulating events for some time now, to the point where his own father Grisha somehow sees Zeke, apologises for leaving him behind and pleads with him to stop Eren as he’s seen the future via the same Titan power and Eren’s plan will succeed. It was great stuff.

2,000 years of grief.

We get a brief flashback to Ymir’s story, as she was a simple girl whose village was taken over by Eldians and one day fell down a hole near a tree and encountered a being that gave her the power to turn into a Titan, the first of her kind. She had three children and those children were forced to eat her remains so her Titan power could continue to be transferred, hence the whole “Children of Ymir” thing. Eren manages to get through to Ymir and convince her that he can stop the cycle she’s been stuck in and finally kill those who enslaved her, and sure enough Eren not only turns into the Founding Titan but activates the much-talked about (and sung in a heavy metal opening!) Rumbling, leading a large army of Colossal Titans across the sea towards Marley.

Yes, that all happened only a few episodes in, and it didn’t let up throughout the rest of the episodes. The advertising may have been a bit misleading but I’ve been loving this extended final season, it’s brought the series together in a very odd direction, but one that I’ve found has really worked well. There plenty of dilemmas regarding what’s right and wrong in extreme circumstances and the end justifying the means, plus some great eye candy when the fighting starts! A winning combination if you ask me.

Overall Thoughts:

You’d think after all they’ve been through there wouldn’t be anything left to make their eyes open wide in shock, but there you go…

Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 2 continued the strong storytelling and unexpected twists we saw in the first hal… *ahem*, first third and moved everything towards quite the chaotic and interesting finale. Looking forward to it… Next year?! Damn it!

I don’t want to spend all day here, but the key thing is that after Eren and the Wall Titans march off we see Armin, Mikasa, Jean and Connie agree to chase after Eren and stop him, as no matter how you slice it “genocide is wrong”. They soon meet up with Annie, who after all this time frozen in Titan crystal… stuff finally became unthawed due to the Rumbling, and soon joins with them. They’re also joined by surviving Marlians including Reiner, as well as Hange and Levi. The final few episodes sees them assaulting a port full of their own friends and allies who have sided with Eren and tearfully having to kill them before heading off to the final confrontation.

Rumbling, rumbling, it’s a screenshot of the rumbling, rumbling…

It was great seeing Annie’s Female Titan team up with Reiner’s Armoured one and let loose, plus there was a good moment with Magath of Marley and Shadis of Paradis finding common ground as they give up their lives to halt a boat that could potentially stop Hange and co. Oh, and Zeke unleashed his shout which transformed all the people who unknowingly drank his blood in the previous part of the series, including Pyxis and Falco, into mindless Titans, though the latter is saved when he’s guided to eat Porco and become the new Jaw Titan. This led to a great twist where Connie kidnaps Falco in hopes to feed him to his mother, who is currently still stuck in the form of a Titan in his old village, but he ends up unable to do it and actually has to save Armin who tries to prove a point by jumping towards Connie’s mum’s mouth. There’s a weird sentence for you…

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