Mobile Suit Gundam Wing – Episodes 29 – 40 Review

Gundam Wing continues on its path of constantly changing the narrative and factions at the drop of a hat in its third chunk, whether that’s a good thing or not I’m not sure, but at least the pace was never slow! So which side is which character on? What are the sides? Is Relena really back? Is there really a new character that’s even more annoying?! Let’s take a good look at these episodes and find out!

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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing – Episodes 14 – 28 Review

Gundam Wing begins to properly kick into full gear as we look at the second chunk of episodes (though for the record, Episodes 27 and 28 are recap episodes, so really this is Episodes 14 to 26…) While the core quintet of Gundam Pilots are fleshed out a bit more I have to say that once again Zechs Merquise / Milliardo Peacecraft and his boss Trieze have the most interesting moments in the narrative. Want to find out more? Let’s dig a little deeper…

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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing – Episodes 1 – 13 Review

We finally take our first dip into the varied waters that is “Alternate Universe Gundam”, or in other words, shows that aren’t part of the Universal Century timeline. While Mobile Fighter G Gundam came out first, it’s fitting that we’re starting with Wing because it’s most people’s first exposure to Gundam as a whole, including myself. This is my third time watching it, but first time watching it uncensored (as I watched on TV, then on the original DVD releases previously) but I’m also still watching it dubbed for maximum nostalgia. So how does the series hold up in light of all the other Gundam shows and films I’ve watched since? Let’s find out!

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Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS. Maxiboost ON (PS4) Review

This is the third Extreme VS. game I’ve played (fourth if you include the sadly limited PS4 reboot attempt from a couple of years ago) but the first that I brought without importing from Asia due to it getting an official English release (sadly digital only, but hey-ho) It’s actually a direct port of the Arcade game, a new game (“Gundam Extreme VS. 2”) having made this one old hat in the actual Arcades themselves. So what’s the home port like? Is there much in it for a single player? Could they have created a more Japanese sounding title?! Let’s find out!

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Super Robot Wars X (PS4) Review

Super Robot Wars X

Well… it happened again, as I knew it would. After completing Super Robot Wars V around this time last year, I said that I’d already ordered X and despite feeling burnt out I knew I’d be playing it sooner rather than later, and here we are! X had a very different feel to it due to focusing more on magic and fantasy than the more real robot-y feel of V, but it also included some fun new franchises like Gurren Lagann and Code Geass. How does it balance out? Let’s have a look!

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Mobile Suit Victory Gundam Overall Review

Victory Gundam Overall

On the Japanese DVD releases of Victory Gundam there was a special interview with creator Tomino himself which was titled with a quote from the director. It read “Don’t buy these DVDs because you should not watch them!!” Turns out I should’ve listened to him… Well, apart from these were Blu-Rays, but you get the point. When the creator of the show tells you not to watch it, you know you’re in for a “treat”. Victory Gundam was the one series I’d never watched (until AGE came along, which is now the new one series I haven’t watched!) due to its reputation and length, and I can safely say now I’ve watched it, I WON’T be watching again. So let’s take a final, overall look at Victory Gundam, then try and forget about it…

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Mobile Suit Victory Gundam – Episodes 28 – 39 Review

Victory Gundam Part 3

Victory Gundam’s third batch of episodes features the appearance of Uso’s mother (given she’s a female character, you know how that turns out!) and loads and loads of wheels. Mobile suits in wheels, large capital ships with wheels, the huge ship class called the “Adrastia” is also on wheels… it’s very odd, especially the first few episodes in space! Is it good though? Well… *sigh*… No. Not really. Let’s take a look anyway…

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Mobile Suit Victory Gundam – Episodes 1 – 14 Review

MS Victory Gundam P1

Oh boy… Well, I was warned, even by the creator of the show himself (literally Tomino told people not to buy the DVDs in an insert on the DVD release…) but now I’ve finally started to watch Victory Gundam and it’s not good! Who would’ve thought that a show with a bad reputation even among diehards of the meta-series would actually not be very good? Well, at least the first quarter-ish, we’ll see about the rest, obviously. Want to know more? Read on!

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