The Heroic Legend of Arslan – Season 1 Episodes 14 – 25 Review

Heroic Legend of Arslan P2

The second half of The Heroic Legend of Arslan’s first season starts off with a long side-story about the Kingdom of Shidhura and a civil war brewing between the two children of its ruler. Arslan and his group of survivors end up taking one side in the war in exchange for their help with taking back their homeland, so it does make sense. It ends with a large-scale battle between Pars and Lusitania anyway, so you still a sense of pay-off for the finale. Let’s take a deeper look!

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The Heroic Legend of Arslan – Season 1 Episodes 1 – 13 Review

Heroic Legend of Arslan S1 P1

With nothing to review for Anime UK News in the pipeline and more and more TV shows vanishing for the Christmas period, I thought it would be a good time to raid that classic part of any anime collection: the boxsets brought on sale but you never got round to watching. Yes, at some point early in the year the two collectors boxes of Heroic Legend of Arslan went on sale for an incredibly small amount so I picked them up, and after the first half of the opening series I can say I’m glad I did! While it’s not ground breaking or stunning, it is a fun series firmly entrenched in medieval / historical battles genre, with a bit of fantasy thrown in (I refuse to use the “it’s like Game of Thrones!” tagline as that’s pretty much where the similarities end…) Let’s have a look!

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