Hellsing Ultimate – Volumes V and VI Review

Hellsing Ult P3

Hellsing moves forward with its big arc of vampire Nazis invading London in blimps and airships while the Catholic church sends in its army to take advantage of both the Nazis and the Protestants being weak… Yep, that’s a plot! That being said, these two OVAs are pretty much all set up for things to come, and so as a stand-alone thing to review it makes it a bit awkward. Still, let’s take a closer look!


While Alucard remains trapped on the Eagle, Millennium starts attacking London. Zorin Blitz is told to head toward Hellsing HQ with a small group of soldiers, while the rest of the vampires attack London. They kill thousands of civilians and attempt to capture Integra…

Note: Full Spoilers From Here On Out!

Cast of Characters:

Hellsing Ult P3 3

….. Okay, fine, I surrender.

Alucard (Johji Nakata / Crispin Freeman) – Alucard wants nothing more than to bathe in the blood and violence happening in London and to save his master from the Major… but sadly he’s stuck on a ship far from England… for now, anyway…

Seras Victoria (Fumiko Orikasa / K.T. Gray) – While London falls into Hell, Seras is still at Hellsing headquarters, having been given instructions to protect it at all costs…

Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing (Yoshiko Sakakibara / Victoria Harwood) – Integra is in a meeting with the heads of Britian’s many forces, but soon has to leave when it become apparent that the Nazis have taken the streets of London for themselves…

Walter C. Dollneaz (Motomu Kiyokawa / Ralph Lister) – Walter is Integra’s bodyguard and butler, and is happy to use his powers to protect her, even at the cost of his life…

Alexander Anderson (Norio Wakamoto / Steven Brand) – Anderson is a Catholic Priest and a member of their Iscariot division. Although he has been told to just observe the chaos taking over London, something deep inside him tells him he should intervene… though that isn’t compassion for the Protestants!

The Major (Nobuo Tobita / Gildart Jackson) – The Major wants nothing more than eternal war and chaos, and he has begun to achieve this by attacking London, the capital of one of the countries responsible for the original Nazi party’s downfall…

Pip Bernadotte (Hiroaki Hirata / Yuri Lowenthal) – The leader of the Wild Geese, a mercenary force that has been hired to protect the Hellsing mansion from invaders… which sounds easy! … *ahem*…

Zorin Blitz (Yoko Soumi / Rachel Robinson) – Zorin is a member of Millennium, the Nazis group lead by The Major. She has several powers that rank her far above regular vampires, and so it chosen to invade and attack the Hellsing mansion directly…

Plus many more!

The Good:

Hellsing Ult P3 1

The winner of the “most confusing picture to those who haven’t watched the series” award goes to…

I always love me some Alexander Anderson insanity, and so I loved his impassioned speech to his fellow Iscariot priests as he attacked the Nazis vampire SS army (… man, that never gets old to type!) He has two priests with actual designs, names and personalities with him, but otherwise they’re all generic. His reason for stopping the death of Integra being that her death is a job for them is classic “enemy of my enemy is my friend”, in a warped way, and worked for the scene. As did the scene where one of the priests wishes to attack her and instead Integra pressures them into lighting her cigar for her. It’s about the only great sequence in Volume V… Well, that and the weird dream sequence where Alucard is visited by the “spirit” of his gun and appears in the form of a cartoony Bruce Willis, who name drops a dozen of his films in a row before it just descends into one weird film reference after another. Made me laugh, anyway!

Volume VI has at least quite a bit more to it. Zorin’s attack on the Hellsing mansion is good stuff, starting with Seras and a crazy-huge set of guns (literal, not some uncharacteristic-of-me sentence about her breasts…) shooting down her blimp. We then get a bunch of scenes of the Wild Geese out-smarting the Nazi vampires until Zorin uses her mental powers to project a vision of a giant version of herself attacking them. The OVA ends with a bunch of Wild Geese being killed the Nazi zombies as Seras declares revenge. So again, good set up for the next OVA…

In fact Seras and her relationship with the Wild Geese, and especially their leader Pip, is about the only relatable and human thing in the series, and it’s on fine display throughout Volume VI. Really gives you someone to route for, rather than just enjoying the insanity of it all, which is what most of the series is…

The Bad:

Hellsing Ult P3 2

Prepare to see a lot of these guys running around…

Pretty much the majority of Volume V is just Nazi zombies killing Londoners, sometimes with the sound of some random song in the background. It’s fine to set up the hopelessness and firmly plant the bad guys as … well, bad guys (though I think we’ve figured that out by now…) but it went on and on, then stopped for a bit, then happened again! It was clearly stalling for time.

Also in Volume V was a long sequence of cowardly political leader who I can’t remember the name of deciding to stay behind and do his duty. It was fine, and I like how Integra didn’t want to leave him originally, but then respected his decision by giving him a gun… but in general again it went on for a while, and his noble sacrifice didn’t really mean a lot given he hadn’t really been around all that long…

There was also another long scene with the Major listing all the things in London he wants destroyed, and while it didn’t go on as long as his “love of war” speech last time, it still took its time.

Overall Thoughts:

Hellsing Ult P3 4

“Heeeeere’s Zorin!”

While there isn’t a lot to recommend about Volume V, beyond the final scenes with Alexander Anderson saving Integra, Volume VI does at least get things back on track with some well-animated scenes and some characters who are actually human and relatable. Very much a game of two halves, this… so much so I’ll do a rare separate rating! (although I would like to point out that I would watch V again if I was watching the whole series again, because… it would just be weird to leave it out…)

Volume V:

2 Star Watch

Volume VI:

4 Star Watch

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