Hellsing Ultimate – Overall Review

Hellsing Ult

Even though it isn’t a TV series, it is a series of episodes and does have an over-arching plot to talk about rather than unconnected stories, so I’ll give Hellsing Ultimate the “Overall Review” treatment. If you’ve been reading the five individual parts you’ll know that this type of show isn’t normally my cup of tea, but there is something about the character designs and insane plot that makes it enjoyable. So, for the last time, let’s take a closer look!

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Hellsing Ultimate – Volumes IX and X Review

Hellsing Ult IX and X

Hellsing Ultimate, and therefore the original Hellsing Manga’s storyline, reaches its end with the 9th and 10th OVAs. As I’ve mentioned previously, this was actually my first time seeing them, after only I – VIII being available here in the UK until Crunchyroll’s recent upload. In the end, while it does tie up lose ends and has some good moments, none are as good as Seras vs. Zorin or Alucard vs. Anderson from the previous two Volumes. Still, a good enough end, I feel. Let’s take a closer look!

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Hellsing Ultimate – Volumes VII and VIII Review

Hellsing Ult P4

Wow, three anime-related posts in a row! Oh well, it happens when you don’t have any schedule, I guess! Anyway, THIS is why I have fond memories of watching the “Hellsing Ultimate V – VIII” blu-ray a few years ago… The two OVAs this time share a common thread: make the two lead characters look as “bad ass” as possible with crazy powers, and it achieves this goal! That being said there are several other good points on top of this to make Volumes VII and VIII a top watch… for a show about vampire SS Nazis vs. an anti-vampire organisation vs. the Vatican’s KKK-looking army… Let’s take a closer look then!

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Hellsing Ultimate – Volumes V and VI Review

Hellsing Ult P3

Hellsing moves forward with its big arc of vampire Nazis invading London in blimps and airships while the Catholic church sends in its army to take advantage of both the Nazis and the Protestants being weak… Yep, that’s a plot! That being said, these two OVAs are pretty much all set up for things to come, and so as a stand-alone thing to review it makes it a bit awkward. Still, let’s take a closer look!
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Hellsing Ultimate – Volumes III and IV Review

Hellsing Ult III and IV

Continuing on with a look at Hellsing Ultimate, the next two volumes begin adapting where the original anime series stopped and we get the full push towards the frankly bizarre Nazi revenge plot that takes up the rest of the series. That’s right, in the end Hellsing comes down to Protestants vs. Catholics vs. Nazis, all three using supernatural beings like vampires and zombies to do their battling with. Like I said last time, it’s good shut your brain off entertainment, not Shakespeare! Let’s take a look at Parts III and IV, shall we?
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Hellsing Ultimate – Volumes I and II Review

Hellsing Ult 1 and 2

In a rare non-Anime UK News review series, I take a look at Hellsing Ultimate, now that the last two OVAs are now available in the UK thanks to Crunchyroll. This series is the definition of guilty pleasure for me, I’m not really into over the top gore and violence, but I don’t if it’s the character designs (LOVE Alucard’s design, always have) or what, but I do like the occasional journey into Hellsing madness. Now it’s finally time to run through the whole story, starting with: the start! Thanks to the first two OVAs being based on the same material as the first half of the original TV series, it always feels like I’ve seen this loads of times and I want to “get it out of the way” so I can get to the newer (to me) stuff, but let’s be fair and have a closer look at them!
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