Alien Week next week!

Quick little notice…. thingy, next week, to “celebrate” the blu-ray (and DVD!) release of Alien: Covenant, I’ll be doing an “Alien Week”. Much like my Resident Evil week two months ago, it will cover the series, this time of films only, though I’ll be doing it in release order rather than in-universe chronological order, like I would normally do. This is because I haven’t actually seen Covenant yet, so I have to watch and review it during the week itself, so couldn’t place it second in line. Basically, it will be like this:

Monday 18th: Alien Review

Tuesday 19th: Aliens Review

Wednesday 20th: Alien3 Review

Thursday 21st: Alien Resurrection Review

Friday 22nd: Prometheus Review

Saturday 23rd: Alien Covenant Review.

As per usual there will be other reviews going up I’m sure, but these are actually set in stone. Hope you (and I) enjoy!

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