“The Final Resident Evil Week” Begins Tomorrow!

For the next seven days, in other words the run up to the UK release date of Resident Evil VILLAGE, there will be a Resident Evil review going up at 2pm. Now, this is the third time I’ve done a week themed around Resident Evil reviews, and because of that it has to be the last because after this one I won’t have enough content to review! (beyond one or two spin-offs I never played that I might get round to one day, a few books and whatever has yet to be released, obviously…)

As per usual this won’t effect the reviews that are already scheduled to go up at the usual 9:10am slot (that I ended up sticking with accidentally) and instead can be treated as a “bonus” due to my excitement at playing a new mainline entry into one of my favourite franchises. So, in terms of the final releases I have but haven’t review it looks like this…

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Doctor Who: Wicked Sisters Review

I was initially hesitant to buy Wicked Sisters, given I haven’t been following the Graceless spin-off series, but after being assured it was pretty stand alone, and given the price, I went with it. Turns out I made the right choice, because whatever happened to Abby and Zara between the Key2Time trilogy and this was nicely explained in a few bits of dialogue, and what was left was a fun story featuring The Fifth Doctor teaming up with Leela to tackle a duo who are pretty much doing what The Doctor does, just with more … dangerous powers…

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Celebrating 1,000 Reviews!

Starting tomorrow and through to the end of the week will be reviews 998, 999 and 1,000 for me after the last five-ish years of giving it a go, so I’ve decided to do something a bit special. The most popular/most frequent things I review are Doctor Who, Games and Anime, so I decided to pick one thing from each of those categories that I “always wanted to review” and, well, review them!

So not necessarily my favourite of each category (though I’ll admit two of the three could very easily be) but something that when I started this for-fun “career” path I knew I’d cover at some point and was excited at the prospect. So look forward to that, and then next week I’ll be back to regular, if not a little full of Big Finish Audio backlog reviews, schedule.

My Top 30 Games of the Decade (2010 – 2019)

Decade Top 30 Games 2010s

So this is a big one… I mean literally, making the 30 thumbnails was a pain in the arse, but I just couldn’t nail it down to just 20, and when I did 25 I thought of five more I could easily talk about and went “screw it!”. Hell, I could have easily gone to 50. So with that all being said (and the usual “these are only game I’ve played so I’m sure there are many great games left off this list” message) let’s go!

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My Top 20 TV Series of the Decade (2010 – 2019)

Decade Top 10 TV 2010s

While I’m one of those people who likes to remind people that there was no “0 AD” and therefore a decade is actually 1-10, I do also understand its far easier to say 1990 is the start of the 90s than to say the 1980s ends with 1990, so with that being said: Here are my picks for Top 20 TV Series of the 2010s! Hooray! A mix of genuine praise along with other things like nostalgia and influence, this list is, once again, just my opinion and therefore there are undoubtedly many, MANY shows I never watched that are therefore not on this list. Let’s begin, shall we?

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My Top 10 Games of 2019

Top 10 Games 2019

Another year, another struggle to find 10 games released in 2019 I actually played. So once again look forward to wondering why I didn’t mention “Major game release X”, the answer of which is “I’m just one man, full-time employed, so I don’t have that much time to play loads of games”. Especially when non-2019 games Super Robot Wars V and Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey ate up so much of my gaming time this year… Anyway, enjoy!

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My Top 10 Doctor Who Stories of 2019

Top 10 Who 2019

2019 was a weird year for Doctor Who stories, as there was only a single, solitary episode on January 1st, meaning this list is pretty much entirely Big Finish (I’m always behind on the comics I’m afraid). Still, which Big Finish was best? Did their anniversary release come up big? Did the one TV episode place at all?! Let’s find out!

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My Top 10 TV Series/Seasons of 2019

Top 10 TV 2019

Another year gone, and time for another trio of Top 10s! It’s only December 30th as I upload these, but the reason for that will become clear tomorrow! So without further ado, here are my top 10 TV series (or seasons, if you like) of 2019, as always baring in mind there are plenty I missed out on (like the Mandalorian… Thanks for not launching Disney+ here yet, Disney! *grumble grumble*) so these lists are, fittingly given its my blog, just what I’ve actually seen…

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Mortal Kombat (Mega Drive) Review

Mortal Kombat

Also known as “The game with the Blood Cheat”, at least in my school playground, Mortal Kombat was quite the noteworthy release, being the first console game that I’m aware of that was so blatantly violent and gory, even if that gore was hidden behind a (very easy to find and spread to friends) cheat code. Ignoring the impact it had, I remember not really enjoying it too much as an actual fighter, preferring the visuals of a Street Fighter II, but still… there’s a scene where someone removes their opponent’s heart! SO COOL. etc. etc. Simpler times, but how does it hold out today, where it’s relatively tame? (much like a certain film adaptation…) let’s find out!

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Blog Schedule Update (Nothing too Serious!)

Hello all.

Just to let you know that you’ll be seeing a decrease in activity on this blog due to an increased workload at my job (where I often sneakingly wrote reviews during downtime) Now I can’t imagine a week going by without at least one review going up, and I intend to keep up with Big Finish Doctor Who reviews going up soon after they’re released (mainly because I don’t have to create / source pictures for those!), and any series or marathon I already cover / started will continue to be covered, just at a slower pace.

Key differences:

  • Less individual episode chunk reviews, more straight up “Overall Season Reviews”.
  • With no strict schedule, any review can appear at any time (in other words when I have it finished), so game reviews for instance aren’t restricted to every other Saturday, though they may become less frequent (or more frequent as they’re often quicker to do!)
  • Generally the old “review every weekday” thing I had going on is no longer possible because I had to go and be good at my job like a fool 😛

So overall there are still plenty of things to come, I’m not going any where, I’ll just be on more of a lighter schedule. I have most of the next Movie to Game reviews done (Double Dragon, for the record… Yeesh…), and the next One Piece arc has been watched and is ready to be written about. To be honest, looking at a lot of the blogs I follow, I’ll actually be falling into a more normal schedule, if anything!

So here’s to the future, full of plenty more “Goods”, “Bads” and … erm… “Continuities?”