Returning to Blogging, Slowly but Surely…

Hi all,

So after I left this blog a little while ago a lot has happened: my Dad did indeed have Prostate Cancer but it’s thankfully treatable via tablets and injections and not life-threatening, so a best scenario out of the admittedly all-bad list of scenarios relating to that news, so there’s that.

Secondly I’m moving to my own flat (or apartment if you wish!) on May 12th after many years back with my parents when my Mum’s health took a turn for the worst. My brother is still with my Dad so I’m not leaving him alone after having just been diagnosed with cancer, I just want to make that clear! Plus I’m literally 10 minutes away from there anyway…

As for the blog? Well, as you can imagine with everything going on, plus the up-coming Jubilee and the first full-on “Summer Reading Challenge” since pre-Covid my job at the Library will be very busy as well, so I’m not going to be uploading five reviews a week, that’s for sure! Instead I’m going back to how it all started: posting reviews up when I have the time to properly dedicate to write and post them. So some weeks there might be several, other weeks there might be none. This is the best way to go, going forward. The repeated Lockdowns and reduced foot-fall in the Library gave me ample chance to write lots and lots but that’s come to an end now.

Also I will be introducing a new format to my reviews after one of the only bits of feedback I’ve ever received mentioned not liking that the whole review was full of spoilers, so I’ll but changing the format to have the spoiler talk at the end of the review, after the score itself, for those who want to get a feel without getting spoiled.

So yeah, that’s it! I’m looking forward to posting a few things I’ve seen / listened to / playing with over the last while, starting next week…

Temporary Blog Halt Mk.2

Hi all,

So as some of you may know my Mum passed away back in July and it was hard to find my happy blog place for a while. Well, now not only is Mother’s Day this Sunday (for those of us in the UK anyway…) and that’s bumming me out, but my Dad got some troubling news in his MRI and is scheduled for a biopsy on Tuesday to gain more information.

Hopefully whatever it is can be cured with little risk to his life, but all I know is I’m really not in a happy blog place right now and I won’t be at least until that whole thing is behind me, or at the very least, is less scary.

So hopefully see you all soon!

David “Cold Cobra” Hogan.

Coming to this Blog in 2022 and Beyond…

Hello all,

I don’t do these non-review posts very often but I thought I’d get a few plans of features / regular reviews that will be coming to the blog this year (and most likely run into next year as some of them are LONG) First off despite a 9-6 job I have SOMEHOW kept up an accidental schedule of Random Review-Doctor Who-Random Review-Doctor Who-Anime on a Friday, and I do plan of keeping that going as often as I can but I’ll never say it will always been 100% that because new releases at awkward times, or there has to be some week where I fall behind on something, I’m convinced! Anyway, even though I kind of failed my goal for 2021 to promote the blog more often on social media and the like (and by “kind of” I mean pretty much totally) that’s fine, this place is just as much me enjoying myself and unwinding as it is anything else, I’m not looking for a “new career” where I start stick ads all over the place anyway. I’m happy with the small little bit of the internet I’ve carved and will continue to do so for hopefully many more years to come, Twitter and the like be damned.

With that being said click “more” below to find out what’s coming up soon and thanks for sticking with me as my blog enters year seven this April!

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Special Halloween Marathon Starts Today!

Starting tonight and running all the way to Halloween itself I’ll be taking a look at all NINE Hammer Dracula films with each review going up at 7pm.

My usual Mon-Fri morning reviews that I’ve somehow kept up with will continue as normal throughout the week, so don’t fret if you have no interest in cheesy British B movies! Have fun and … *spooky noises* or something, I don’t know.

Blog Update

Hi all,

So yesterday was my Mum’s funeral, and while I’m not back to my old self just yet I do feel a lot better this morning. I’m hoping my reviewing mojo will return soon and certainly there are a few reviews that were half done before my life momentarily crumbled I should be able to finish.

Basically I just wanted to say that I’m on the way back up, just so my last post doesn’t hang around at the top of the blog any more…

See you all soon!

“The Final Resident Evil Week” Begins Tomorrow!

For the next seven days, in other words the run up to the UK release date of Resident Evil VILLAGE, there will be a Resident Evil review going up at 2pm. Now, this is the third time I’ve done a week themed around Resident Evil reviews, and because of that it has to be the last because after this one I won’t have enough content to review! (beyond one or two spin-offs I never played that I might get round to one day, a few books and whatever has yet to be released, obviously…)

As per usual this won’t effect the reviews that are already scheduled to go up at the usual 9:10am slot (that I ended up sticking with accidentally) and instead can be treated as a “bonus” due to my excitement at playing a new mainline entry into one of my favourite franchises. So, in terms of the final releases I have but haven’t review it looks like this…

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Doctor Who: Wicked Sisters Review

I was initially hesitant to buy Wicked Sisters, given I haven’t been following the Graceless spin-off series, but after being assured it was pretty stand alone, and given the price, I went with it. Turns out I made the right choice, because whatever happened to Abby and Zara between the Key2Time trilogy and this was nicely explained in a few bits of dialogue, and what was left was a fun story featuring The Fifth Doctor teaming up with Leela to tackle a duo who are pretty much doing what The Doctor does, just with more … dangerous powers…

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Celebrating 1,000 Reviews!

Starting tomorrow and through to the end of the week will be reviews 998, 999 and 1,000 for me after the last five-ish years of giving it a go, so I’ve decided to do something a bit special. The most popular/most frequent things I review are Doctor Who, Games and Anime, so I decided to pick one thing from each of those categories that I “always wanted to review” and, well, review them!

So not necessarily my favourite of each category (though I’ll admit two of the three could very easily be) but something that when I started this for-fun “career” path I knew I’d cover at some point and was excited at the prospect. So look forward to that, and then next week I’ll be back to regular, if not a little full of Big Finish Audio backlog reviews, schedule.

My Top 30 Games of the Decade (2010 – 2019)

Decade Top 30 Games 2010s

So this is a big one… I mean literally, making the 30 thumbnails was a pain in the arse, but I just couldn’t nail it down to just 20, and when I did 25 I thought of five more I could easily talk about and went “screw it!”. Hell, I could have easily gone to 50. So with that all being said (and the usual “these are only game I’ve played so I’m sure there are many great games left off this list” message) let’s go!

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