Fusing the blogs, and other things…

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As you may have noticed I’ve changed things around a bit, created a new banner to reflect the domain name I now have, and along with it this blog is now ad free!

This did cause a problem, however, as my Game Review Blog now stood out as being very much full of ads, despite being linked heavily to this site. The most logical course of action  then, was to “fuse” the two blogs together here on this one, paid-for site… which I’ve done! As you’ll notice above in the menu tabs above, there is now a Games tab, linking to my previous game review helpfully imported from the other blog, and new ones will indeed be appearing here going forward. Don’t threat if you have no interest in the subject, as most of the time I got a new game review up once a fortnight, every other Saturday, but that is by no means a set-in-stone schedule either. That means there will still be far more of the content of the kind already prominently featured on this site every week.

Thanks for you continued support and here’s to nothing but good times in 2019! (which reminds me, I must get cracking on those Top 10 lists…)

Countdown to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Begins Tomorrow!

SSB CD Announcement

Starting tomorrow on this blog I’ll be counting down to the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with a review a day, each representing a franchise that’s featured in the up-coming game, in order from latest addition to the roster, up to… well, let’s face it, a Mario game. There are a few franchises omitted due to time constraints which can be found below, but otherwise I won’t type out the whole list, instead let’s follow along until the game is finally in our hands!

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Shonen Jump! 50th Anniversary mini-Marathon Starts next week!

Yes, another marathon announcement, and yes it will once again not be daily or on any fixed timetable. To celebrate Jump!’s 50th Anniversary I wanted to do a “Top 10 Jump! anime debut arcs”, but soon realised I’d only seen 8, and a couple of those weren’t great (for example JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure would become great, but that first arc isn’t something I’d put in a “Top” anything…) Once I finally accepted that I wouldn’t be able to watch the HunterXHunter or GinTama debut arcs in time to actually do the marathon I settled on doing a Top 5 instead…

It’ll start next week with Yu Yu Hakusho, and then will cover Bleach, My Hero Academia, One Piece and, of course, Dragon Ball, but in what order?! You’ll have to find out, though the answer may surprise you, given we’re purely talking debut arcs here, not overall Top 5!

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WWF Rage in the Cage (Sega Mega CD) Review

WWF Rage in the Cage

The wrestling game rundown adds another first for this blog: a Sega Mega CD review (or just Sega CD as it was known in the US!) Yes, once upon a time I actually had a Mega CD, and a few games on it to boot (it was my first exposure to Final Fight!) but Rage in the Cage wasn’t a highlight of my time with the Mega Drive add-on… In fact some of the decisions still annoy me to this day! Let’s take a look at it, anyway, shall we?

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Just a quick update…

Just to let you know, I haven’t given up blogging or anything, just took on some extra hours at work and therefore I have very little time to write at the moment. The overtime will last for another two weeks, but I’m still hoping to at least get the September Fourth Doctor Adventures and Doctor Who: Early Adventures reviews up in the next week… Don’t want to fall behind of those.

No Anime UK News review lined up just yet either, which quite frankly is handy at the moment…

Anyway, just wanted to post this message!