Coming to this Blog in 2022 and Beyond…

Hello all,

I don’t do these non-review posts very often but I thought I’d get a few plans of features / regular reviews that will be coming to the blog this year (and most likely run into next year as some of them are LONG) First off despite a 9-6 job I have SOMEHOW kept up an accidental schedule of Random Review-Doctor Who-Random Review-Doctor Who-Anime on a Friday, and I do plan of keeping that going as often as I can but I’ll never say it will always been 100% that because new releases at awkward times, or there has to be some week where I fall behind on something, I’m convinced! Anyway, even though I kind of failed my goal for 2021 to promote the blog more often on social media and the like (and by “kind of” I mean pretty much totally) that’s fine, this place is just as much me enjoying myself and unwinding as it is anything else, I’m not looking for a “new career” where I start stick ads all over the place anyway. I’m happy with the small little bit of the internet I’ve carved and will continue to do so for hopefully many more years to come, Twitter and the like be damned.

With that being said click “more” below to find out what’s coming up soon and thanks for sticking with me as my blog enters year seven this April!

Anime: I’ll be continuing to cover a couple of currently-airing series that interest me, including some more chunks of the almost certainly still-airing in 2023 Wano Arc of One Piece, as well as throwing in coverage of older anime that either mean a lot to me / are nostalgic or that I’ve always wanted to watch. Tomorrow starts the coverage of the 22nd Tenkaichi Tournament and Demon King Piccolo arcs of the original Dragon Ball series, which means with one one more arc after that (plus the four films, just to finish the original series entirely) to go at some point in the middle of the year I’m hoping to finally start off the juggernaut that is Dragon Ball Z in the autumn, maybe late summer (again I don’t actually have a schedule here beyond trying to mix Shonen with other things in the middle…) which will be fun. As promised I’ll also look at the final Bleach Manga adapted anime arc a short-while before the Thousand Year Blood War arc begins airing in October, plus more Gundam I’m sure…

Doctor Who: Alongside the two remaining specials airing on TV this year as well as plenty of Big Finish audio releases monthly and the odd Blu-Ray release tie-in review I will be going through a long list of stories from TV, Audio, Comics and books to “fill in the gaps” when there’s nothing new released, like I did last year with the Lost Stories and Eighth Doctor comics unofficial marathon. It’s looking like this:

1st Doctor – Three TV stories, the rest of the Oliver Harper audio adventures. 2nd Doctor – Three TV stories, a book and two audio stories. 3rd Doctor – Three TV stories and the BBC full-cast Audio dramas featuring Jon Pertwee himself! 4th Doctor – Four TV stories plus the first two audio “series” of Big Finish Fourth Doctor Adventures. 5th Doctor – Three TV stories and the rest of the Erimem Audio stories. 6th Doctor – One TV story, one book and the rest of the Evelyn Smythe Audio stories. 7th Doctor – Two TV stories and the rest of the Hex Audio stories (that’s a lot…). 8th Doctor – One book and the rest of the Charley Pollard Audio stories (that’s also a lot…) War Doctor – A couple more of the John Hurt-led Audio Dramas. 9th Doctor – Two TV stories and his DWM comic strips. 10th Doctor – Four TV stories and more of his DWM comic strips. 11th Doctor – Four TV stories and some of his DWM comic strips. 12th Doctor – Two TV stories plus more DWM comic strips. 13th Doctor – The Titan Comics adventures.

Phew! Now don’t get me wrong, this is why I put “and beyond” into the headline as given new Big Finish monthly normally takes up half of the month’s Doctor Who review slots I’m under no delusion that this list will be finished by December but frankly I just needed a pattern to put more TV and audio reviews up and start filling in gaps left by past themed marathons. Obviously later Doctors don’t have audios to catch up on and often I’ve already covered most of the Titan comics so DWM was the best way to go (and the 13th Doctor I’ve covered / will cover all of her TV stories, so she’s JUST left with Titan comics…) I’m looking forward to getting more TV stories and classic Audio Dramas up, anyway.

Comics: Here is possibly the biggest change as now I don’t have as many / hardly any Doctor Who comics to cover and I’ve finished my look through the Street Fighter UDON comics I’ve decided to go down two routes: Firstly returning to covering Marvel comics, given that my review of Secret Wars from the early days of this blog six years ago still gets the odd visit all the time I assume there is some interest in it, and after reviewing Eternals and mentioning the 60 book graphic novel collection I, well, collected 10 years or so ago I thought it would be fun to re-run through them:

*Gasp!* A picture from my house! There they are, the only part-work I’ve ever bothered to collect (and then stop when they announced further issues that I frankly didn’t have room for…)

Rather than jump straight to the 80s though I thought I’d also use both the few non-part work GNs I have alongside the Marvel Unlimited app to start from the beginning with some origin stories and a few key 70s storylines before beginning the run of all 60 books. Much like Who I’m not aiming to complete this by the end of the year, it’s just 2022 is when this on-and-off feature will start! For variety’s sake I’ll also be continuing to look at some Star Wars comics a few months after they’re released here and there, plus I’ll also be starting a review series looking at The Walking Dead comics as I received the first compendium as a gift after I frequently mentioned how I’d always heard the comics were better than the show and that I wanted to find out. Looks like I will! (Well, I have, the first review of that will appear very soon!)

A sadly very red thanks to red carpet and direct sunlight look at the other Marvel graphic novels that will be appearing, plus the first Walking Dead compendium! (and some DC and other comics that won’t appear on this blog any time soon…)

The Rest: What does all this mean for films, TV, games and the odd book? Nothing, I’ll be continuing to cover them all both new and old, I just don’t really have any kind of long marathon planned for them. I will finish 24 and Red Dwarf but again, I’ll do it when I feel like it rather than forcing a time limit to get reviews up weekly or something. I’ll finish the Thrawn Trilogy of Star Wars books off at some point too. I also want to do a brief reprisal of my “Game to Movie Marathon” and cover the four or five that have been released since that marathon ended, and I might watch the Die Hard films going into Christmas 2022 for a laugh, but that’s tentative as it’s only January, so… who knows what’ll be happening then! Honestly I was going to do that last year but the release of the new Matrix film made covering that trilogy more logical.

So there you go! My plans for the next year and beyond! Very much beyond when it comes to older Doctor Who content and the Marvel comics one, but there you go. It’s all a bit of fun, isn’t it?

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