Returning to Blogging, Slowly but Surely…

Hi all,

So after I left this blog a little while ago a lot has happened: my Dad did indeed have Prostate Cancer but it’s thankfully treatable via tablets and injections and not life-threatening, so a best scenario out of the admittedly all-bad list of scenarios relating to that news, so there’s that.

Secondly I’m moving to my own flat (or apartment if you wish!) on May 12th after many years back with my parents when my Mum’s health took a turn for the worst. My brother is still with my Dad so I’m not leaving him alone after having just been diagnosed with cancer, I just want to make that clear! Plus I’m literally 10 minutes away from there anyway…

As for the blog? Well, as you can imagine with everything going on, plus the up-coming Jubilee and the first full-on “Summer Reading Challenge” since pre-Covid my job at the Library will be very busy as well, so I’m not going to be uploading five reviews a week, that’s for sure! Instead I’m going back to how it all started: posting reviews up when I have the time to properly dedicate to write and post them. So some weeks there might be several, other weeks there might be none. This is the best way to go, going forward. The repeated Lockdowns and reduced foot-fall in the Library gave me ample chance to write lots and lots but that’s come to an end now.

Also I will be introducing a new format to my reviews after one of the only bits of feedback I’ve ever received mentioned not liking that the whole review was full of spoilers, so I’ll but changing the format to have the spoiler talk at the end of the review, after the score itself, for those who want to get a feel without getting spoiled.

So yeah, that’s it! I’m looking forward to posting a few things I’ve seen / listened to / playing with over the last while, starting next week…

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