Doctor Who Regeneration Marathon, Starting Next Week!

Starting next week, I’ll be doing a regeneration story a day leading into the Twelfth Doctor’s swan song at Christmas (though that review will be a few days after it airs, I’m sure…) Click more to see the schedule, and don’t forget this won’t be the only thing going up on my blog for those two weeks, trust me!:


Tuesday December 12th – The Tenth Planet (First to Second)

Wednesday December 13th – The War Games (Second to Third)

Thursday December 14th – Planet of the Spiders (Third to Fourth)

Friday December 15th – Logopolis (Fourth to Fifth)

Saturday December 16th – The Caves of Androzani (Fifth to Sixth)

Sunday December 17th – The Last Adventure: The Brink of Death (Sixth to Seventh)

Monday December 18th – Doctor Who: The Movie (Seventh to Eighth)

Tuesday December 19th – The Night of the Doctor (Eighth to War)

Wednesday December 20th – The Day of the Doctor (War to Ninth)

Thursday December 21st – Bad Wolf / The Parting of the Ways (Ninth to Tenth)

Friday December 22nd – The Stolen Earth / Journey’s End (Tenth to… Tenth)

Saturday December 23rd – The End of Time (Tenth to Eleventh)

Sunday December 24th – The Time of the Doctor (Eleventh to Twelfth)

I’m doing the Big Finish audio for the Sixth Doctor because I feel Time and the Rani is just a Seventh Doctor debut story, rather than a Sixth Doctor regeneration story, even if it does feature the actual regeneration itself, and given the audio deals with the regeneration and features the Sixth Doctor’s last words it made more sense. This will help next year when I plan to do each Doctor’s debut story leading into the Thirteenth’s first (though sadly there was no avoiding the TV Movie… I’ll just have to do the Eighth Doctor’s first audio story or something next year…)

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