My Top 10 TV Series/Seasons of 2017

Top 10 TV

After a less traditional Top 10 with the Top 10 Doctor Who stories (and a more traditional one with my Top 10 Games of 2017 list on the game review blog), I… surrendered and did a more regular Top 10 of 2017 (as in anything that aired between January and December, it didn’t have to have started airing this year).  Also of note is that I’m NOT doing a top 10 Films of 2017 because I simply haven’t seen that many. In fact in terms of released in 2017 I don’t know if I’d be able to make a Top 5 let alone 10… and most of those would just be MCU films…   So without further triple dots, let’s have a look at my personal Top 10 TV series / seasons of 2017!

Top 10 TV 10

Attack on Titan was never my top favourite. I enjoyed it, don’t get me wrong, but a few days after I’d finished it I never really thought about it again, beyond hearing about it a lot, obviously. So I wasn’t really super-excited about AoT Season 2, but actually I really enjoyed it! It had more grim action and bizarre battles, but it also had some pretty crazy reveals and fun Titan-on-Titan fight scenes. I’m actually looking forward to Season 3 next year now!

Top 10 TV 9

Yeah, yeah, I know, Dragon Ball Super is bollocks, it tramples on established canon and blah-blah, all undeniably good points, but damn it… it’s so much fun to watch! The Universe Survival Arc that’s been airing all year (pretty much literally) has been a blast, with some of the best animated episodes in Dragon Ball history. Some lesser characters got some great screen time, Goku got a new transformation (again!) and it’s all set to end in a spectacular final showdown early next year. I can’t wait! (You can see links to some of my reviews of the streaming series for Anime UK News on the Dragon Ball page HERE)

Top 10 TV 8

The tenth (since the revival) series of Doctor Who was a strong one. It had several stand-alone episode with The Doctor and new companion Bill doing the old “arrive in place, find problem, solve problem, leave place” that the series had been missing. Bill was also more of a companion that super-God Clara, so The Doctor got to be a lot more Doctor-y as well, which is good because this was Peter Capaldi’s last time round as The Doctor and he deserved some more time to be great. The two-part finale was top notch as well, so much so it made it to #5 on my Doctor Who Top 10 of 2017, which is impressive after such a great year from Big Finish. (You can see my reviews of all series 10 episodes on the Twelfth Doctor page HERE)

Top 10 TV 7

Fargo’s third season, it’s fair to say, didn’t live up to the damn-near perfectness of the prior two seasons, but that doesn’t mean it was bad! It had a great dynamic between the lead brother duo (both played by Ewan McGregor!) and plenty of fun side characters that it’s great to see slowly run into each other, and possible the most detestable and unlikable (I know they’re the same thing) antagonist I’ve seen on TV! It starts off painfully slow, unlike it’s two predecessors, but I can assure you that when you make it to the final stretch, the series reaches it’s previous heights of “must watch the next episode!”-ness. (You can see my full review of Fargo Season 3 HERE)

Top 10 TV 6

Blood Blockade Battlefront was among my most pleasant surprises as a reviewer, I had heard a bit about the series but hadn’t really paid much attention to it, but when I watched the blu-ray release for Anime UK News I loved it! It had such a great blend of humour (great surreal humour rather than the more common boob-based humour you tend to find in anime…) and action and never took itself too seriously, with one or two darker exceptions. Well, I’m happy to report that Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond achieves all this again, but more! It has single episodes focusing entirely on some of the supporting characters, and those episodes were often great! Plus a few bigger episodes and a really satisfying ending to the last episode. Properly fun viewing is BBB&B… I’m looking forward to BBB&B:B whenever it comes along…

Top 10 TV 5

The second season of My Hero Academia is really comprised of two great shonen arcs, one classic tournament style arc and one arc based around a deadly new antagonist. This sounds like it should be marked down for unoriginality, but really… it was great! My pick for Anime of the year if I were making a separate list, this had so many moments that were so perfectly crafted you wanted to punch the air in delight. Protagonist Midoriya is among the most likable fictional characters I’ve ever encountered, and his supporting cast is a great mix of shonen tropes and super hero tropes, much like the show itself. I’m so happy this series has taken off like it has, and I’m looking forward to not only Season 3, but the movie next year!

Top 10 TV 4

Can the crew behind Stranger Things capture lightning in a bottle a second time? That was the question on everyone’s lips, and it turns out: Yes! While lacking that unexpected delight-ness that the original season had, this was packed full of great character moments, tense scenes and an episode that so perfectly captured the “survival horror” plot I wanted to applaud it, Stranger Things Season 2 deserves to continue the praise the overall series gets. Can it continue in Season 3 (whenever that will be)? Stranger things have happened! Haha! Yes! …. Sorry. (You can read my overall review of the season HERE)

Top 10 TV 3

Game of Thrones may not be the behemoth of publicity it was during its height (and what series that makes it to Season 7 ever is) but man it can still deliver amazing episodes. While nothing reached the height of the “Battle of the Bastards” from the previous season, there were plenty of highlights, mostly from characters who had spent six seasons apart finally meeting up with each other. There was also a great large-scale battle involving a dragon… That was good too. (You can read my overall review of the season HERE, with individual episode chunk breakdowns elsewhere in the TV Page!)

Top 10 TV 2

If you’d asked me what MCU series was going to make it on this list at the start of the year, I’d have assumed it was going to be The Defenders, but while I enjoyed that (and Season 4 of Agents of SHIELD as well, to be fair), it was The Punisher that truly shone. It honestly took me by surprise, I already liked the MCU version of the character from Daredevil Season 2! Such a great mix of characters, all broken in different ways, all eventually coming together to pretty much destroy their lives even further. It gets dark, and uncomfortably real at some points, but it’s extremely engaging, and very hard to just watch one episode. Great stuff! (You can read my overall review of the season HERE, with individual episode chunk breakdowns elsewhere in the MCU Page!)

Top 10 TV 1

When I think of TV I loved this year, it could only be Legion. It was weird, surreal, often you had no idea if what you’re seeing was real or fake, but my God… it was so entertaining! Such an interesting cast of characters, so well shot and directed, and some of the plot twists were so weird and wonderful. I don’t want to give too much away here given these Top 10s are spoiler free, but trust me, so long as you give it a good try, you’ll be hooked. It properly blew me away. (You can find my overall review of the season HERE)

So that’s it, not only my picks to best TV series of the year, but my last post of 2017! I’ve finally cracked it, I’ve managed to create and run a blog! Good things can come out of unemployment, and even though it was shaky at the start as to whether I could continue when I went back to work full time, I’ve got into a good rhythm, and see no reason to stop! Here’s hoping for a great 2018, not just for myself or my blog, but for you too, whoever you are!

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