Shonen Jump! 50th Anniversary mini-Marathon Starts next week!

Yes, another marathon announcement, and yes it will once again not be daily or on any fixed timetable. To celebrate Jump!’s 50th Anniversary I wanted to do a “Top 10 Jump! anime debut arcs”, but soon realised I’d only seen 8, and a couple of those weren’t great (for example JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure would become great, but that first arc isn’t something I’d put in a “Top” anything…) Once I finally accepted that I wouldn’t be able to watch the HunterXHunter or GinTama debut arcs in time to actually do the marathon I settled on doing a Top 5 instead…

It’ll start next week with Yu Yu Hakusho, and then will cover Bleach, My Hero Academia, One Piece and, of course, Dragon Ball, but in what order?! You’ll have to find out, though the answer may surprise you, given we’re purely talking debut arcs here, not overall Top 5!

Note #1: Death note doesn’t really have “arcs” as such. It has two distinct halves, but when I get around to Death Note I’ll review the whole story, not just half and leave it!

Note #2: Naruto would have been #6, as it has a good start for world building, but Naruto himself is extremely obnoxiously cliché at the start (and only gets mildly better…) so I’d rank it lower than the other five listed… and did!

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