Daredevil – Season 3 Episodes 10 – 13 Review

Daredevil S3 P3

Daredevil’s third season comes to a close with a satisfying final four episodes, though with one small misstep in Episode 10. Does this rare mistake is pacing ruin the end of such a great series in any significant way? Read on!


Wilson Fisk is winning his game, his plan seems unstoppable. Karen Page hides out at the Church where Matt Murdock grew up, her life in great danger… Can Matt arrive in time to save her from the dangerous Dex?

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

Cast of Characters:

Daredevil S3 P3 3

Just like old times, including the being near-death thanks to Wilson Fisk part!

Matt Murdock / Daredevil (Charlie Cox) – Matt is convinced he needs to kill Wilson Fisk, there is no other option, and he has the perfect opportunity… until he hears that Karen is being targeted for assassination…

Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) – Karen is hiding out in the church where Matt grew up, but despite the large walls and holy setting, she’s not safe at all…

Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson) – Foggy is beginning to finally feel like he can’t win, his family being blackmailed by Fisk and his group. Still, a new opportunity might present itself…?

Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio) – Fisk has had a long-term plan in place that has been unfolding without a hitch. With just a matter of time until his love Vanessa arrives, his life will soon be complete, and his plan a success…

Benjamin Poindexter (Wilson Bethel) – Dex is happy to be working for Wilson Fisk, finally feeling like he has a “North Star” to guide him… even if that guidance is to kill a bunch of innocent people while wearing a Daredevil suit…

Rahul Nadeem (Jay Ali) – Nadeem is stuck, being blackmailed by Fisk and the FBI agents he’s already turned. For the sake of his family he must continue, but there is only so much his conscious can bare…

Plus more!

The Good:

Daredevil S3 P3 4

“Just checking, are you sure you’re okay with me being a crime lord?”

As you’d imagine, we’re left feeling like Wilson Fisk has won right up to half way through the final episode, and it was really well done. Matt and Karen survive another attack from Dex, though one that costs friendly priest Lantom his life. It was another great fight between Daredevil and the fake Daredevil, and the sight of a priest with a baton in his heart tips Ray Nadeem over the edge and he helps Foggy and the local police escort Karen out of the building and away from Fisk’s FBI agents. There was a great “Oh yeah, Fisk is a horrible guy” moment where, upon hearing the news, he asks one of his men to take off his coat, which he then proceeds to place over the guys head and beat him to death with his own hands in a fit of rage…

Matt saves Nadeem and his family and convinces him to testify in front of a court to finally bring Fisk down, a plan thought up by Foggy to get Kingpin without killing him. It all goes well (even when Ray and Matt have to escape from an attack on a busy road)… until its revealed that Fisk has brought the court and gets it all sealed away. Matt becomes re-convinced that he was right, and that the only way to stop Fisk is to kill him, and Foggy and Karen find it hard to tell him otherwise. Nadeem returns to his house, records a goodbye message to his family (and a death-bed confession) and willingly gets killed by Dex to save them. Meanwhile Fisk is reunited with Vanessa, his plan finally reaching its climax. All very grim as we head into Episode 13…

Daredevil finds out how Kingpin manipulated Dex, so phones the psychopath and tells him how his love was killed by his current boss purely so he can control him, and tells him where the body is. This leads to a creepy scene where Dex, dressed as Daredevil again, arrives in a car talking to his love, who is a frozen corpse strapped to the passenger seat. Dex tries to break up the wedding of Wilson Fisk and Vanessa, but ends up getting into a fight with Matt, who wanted Dex to clear a path for him, but didn’t want him to actually kill Vanessa. This leads to a frankly brilliant three-way fight between Matt, Dex and Fisk is Fisk’s penthouse, each pairing off for short bursts before fighting the odd one out, all the while Vanessa watches on. Fisk cripples Dex, but Matt beats the Kingpin half to death, leaving him alive, at the last moment giving in to who he has always been and not falling down the dark path.

Meanwhile Foggy and Karen upload Nadeem’s final confession to everywhere, which apparently will hold up in court thanks to it being a death-bed confession (or some actual legal term) Fisk is arrested, having agreed to Matt’s terms of letting his friends live in exchange for Matt not landing his now-wife Vanessa in it after she started involving herself in his business. Cue final scenes of Matt reconnecting with Sister Maggie and accepting her as his mother, and Matt, Foggy and Karen talking, with Mr. Murdock finally back to his old self… also cue a scene teasing that Dex is having surgery that will heal his broken spine…

It was a truly great ride with a really fun final fight sequence followed by the satisfaction of finally seeing Wilson Fisk’s plan fall apart. It was a legitimate shame that Ray Nadeem was killed, even if he was the “hero” in the end, which shows how good of a job they did with him throughout these thirteen episodes…

The Bad:

Daredevil S3 P3 2

Karen’s backstory is pretty bad, but it’s not quite as bad as the comics…

The first half of Episode 10 is entirely dedicated to Karen Page’s troubled youth, where she dated a drug dealer, helped him sell drugs, got her brother beat up and eventually killed when she crashed the car they were in. This lead to her father completely disowning her… it was an unpleasant sequence, and one I feel didn’t really need to be in the show. It was followed up with the great showdown in the church, so I can’t say “skip Episode 10”, but it is the one low point to an otherwise brilliant series, so brilliant that I don’t think half an episode hurts it in the long run!

Overall Thoughts:

Daredevil S3 P3 1


Well, I’d act surprised, but after the previous nine episodes, I can’t say I didn’t see a really great finale coming. I’m honestly no longer sure which is better, Daredevil Season 1 or 3, but they’re both exemplary examples of great TV.

5 Star Watch

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