Countdown to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Begins Tomorrow!

SSB CD Announcement

Starting tomorrow on this blog I’ll be counting down to the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with a review a day, each representing a franchise that’s featured in the up-coming game, in order from latest addition to the roster, up to… well, let’s face it, a Mario game. There are a few franchises omitted due to time constraints which can be found below, but otherwise I won’t type out the whole list, instead let’s follow along until the game is finally in our hands!

Entirely missing: Splatoon, Bayonetta, Xenoblade Chronicles and Wii Fit. In the case of the first two it was purely that I didn’t have time to play them enough to review them, Xenoblade was that but more so, not to mention I’m not a big JRPG fan anyway, and Wii Fit… well, yeah. I didn’t have one of the fitness games on Wii or Wii U, and even if I did I don’t know how I’d review it…

Represented via old Smash Bros. Games: Pikmin (SSB Brawl), Game and Watch (SSB Melee) and Earthbound (SSB 64) So these will be featured in countdown, but the review will be the Super Smash Bros. game they debuted in, rather than a game in their own franchise (before you mention it, I’ve already reviewed Smash Wii U on this blog, otherwise I would’ve included one of the above franchises as well…)

I played a bit of Pikmin and didn’t really enjoy it, so I wasn’t going to track down a copy of one and buy it just to play just for the blog (I do apologise, but I don’t exactly have a large rabbit fanbase that I can spend money on pleasing at the moment…) Game and Watch would have been tricky, though not impossible, I just wanted to cover Melee in the marathon. Earthbound goes back to the lack of time and my dislike of JRPGs…

One or two other franchises might not be the most obvious or logical game to choose for them, but they still make sense, as you’ll see in the next month! Enjoy… I hope!

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