The Punisher – Season 2 Episodes 10 – 13 Review

punisher s2 p3

The Punisher’s second season comes to a close with a fittingly brutal foursome of episodes, and a satisfying conclusion not just to this season, but the series overall if Punisher suffers the same fate at its fellow Netflix shows… Let’s take a look!


After reaching the conclusion that there is no other option available to them, Frank and Curtis get ready to assault Billy and his gang, but their plan may not be as stealthy as they think…

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

Cast of Characters:

punisher s2 p3 4

“… Wanna play cards or something?”

Frank Castle / The Punisher (Jon Bernthal) – Frank has a lot going on in his life at the moment, he has a young girl he’s trying to protect from some hitmen, his old friend-turned-nemesis Billy Russo is building an army, and the New York police (and higher) are now aware he’s back in the city and killing people again… Still, at least he’s not bored!

Amy (Giorgia Whingam) – Amy is on the run from some rather nasty hitmen thanks to a deal with politicians that was supposed to end in her death, well, didn’t. She’s protected by Frank Castle, but is The Punisher really much better?

Billy Russo (Ben Barnes) – Billy’s mind is still a mess, but he’s found a new purpose in building an army of ex-soldiers, and he’s found love in his former theropist… What could go wrong?

John Pilgrim (Josh Stewart) – John is a former white supremacist who turned to God, but is currently being manipulated into stepping back into his former life in order to cover up a job gone wrong by one-percenters the Schultz family. Trying to use his old contacts in New York may end up being more than a step into his old life, however…

Dinah Madani (Amber Rose Revah) – Agent Midani works for Homeland Security, but at the moment is solely obsessed with finding and putting a stop to Billy Russo, the man who shot her in the head a year or so ago…

Dr. Krista Dumont (Floriana Lima) – Dr. Dumont is a psychiatrist who worked with Billy Russo during his rehab, and became his lover after his escape. So into Billy is Krista that she is now actively helping him take out Frank Castle so she and Billy can live a normal life…

Curtis Hoyle (Jason R. Moore) – Curtis is an old friend of Frank and Billy, but he’s currently helping the former kill the latter, and has a hard time coming to terms with doing either…

Plus more!

The Good:

punisher s2 p3 3

“I know I’ve killed lots of people and tried to kill you, but… can you give us a hand?”

The end to Season 2 is certainly different to how the first season went. There wasn’t a big showdown as much as there were a bunch of smaller ones. Frank assaults Billy’s hideout and kills a few of his soldiers, but is badly beaten and tricked into thinking he killed a bunch of innocent women. This sends him into depression as he waits to be killed, until Midani (and a briefly appearing Karen Page) prove it was Billy who killed the women instead. Midani then puts two and two together and realises that this all came from the conversations she had with Dr. Dumont, so heads there while Frank moves on to clearing up Amy and the hitmen hired by the Schultz family (after some fun getaway scenes with the police).

John Pilgrim meanwhile has one of, if not THE, most brutal fight scenes in the series with his old white supremacist buddies, and then proceeds to fall off the deep end, especially when he finds out his wife passed while he was off on this mission. He still goes after Frank though, as the Schultz have his children, and after a bit of cat and mouse and another brutal hand-to-hand fight with Frank, the latter understands the situation better (having already found out it was the elder Schultz family that were doing this, not the senator who was secretly gay in the photos). Midani meanwhile arrives at Dr. Dumont’s flat and the two get into a brawl, which ends up with Dumont being thrown from a window, much like her deadly fear after a similar incident when she was a kid, right in front of Billy Russo (with flowers! Awwww).

Billy heads upstairs and nearly kills Midani, but gets shot three times, including twice in the gut, and makes his escape. This leads to the great final moments, where Russo phones Curtis and says he’s dying in his meeting place (after a shady Doctor left him for dead and ran off with his money) and Frank soon arrives instead of Curtis. Billy begins to talk like old times before being shot dead suddenly, as Frank just walks silently away. Makes sense, Franks not the forgiving type, especially not to the man who killed his family, even if that man doesn’t remember anything… We then get some good Punisher scenes of Frank executing the Schultz parents to save Amy, and then a final epilogue that includes Frank, in full Punisher gear, setting up a meeting between two rival drug gangs for the sole purpose of gunning them all down with a pair of machine guns. The Punisher from the comics has fully arrived in the MCU…

Overall it was a satisfying conclusion, with some of the fighting and storyline threads up being spread among the main cast, rather than just Frank, and all loose ends tied up. That final scene will make a perfect overall final scene if the show doesn’t get picked up…

The Bad:

punisher s2 p3 2

“Have you been killing again, Frank?”   “Well, I haven’t not been killing…”

Not a lot to speak of, really. While again it wasn’t up to the storytelling levels of Season 1, Season 2 does come to a really fun end and ties all loose ends up nicely.

Overall Thoughts:

punisher s2 p3 1

Mr. Pilgrim was the only really interesting new character this season…

Season 2 then, comes to a close with a very well written and fun to watch final four episodes. The overall may get a lower score than Season 1, but in terms of ending long running storylines in a satisfying manner, you can’t get much better than this. The Punisher’s origin has been perfectly handled over the course of three seasons (including Daredevil Season 2), so if he never gets any further adventures, he was still well served in the MCU.

5 Star Watch

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