Mobile Suit Gundam: MS IGLOO OVA 2 – Apocalypse 0079 Review


Here we go again… *sigh*, and I mean that far more literally than I’d like, as for the most part these three episodes follow the exact same story as the three previous. More of the same cast of uninteresting characters, more prototype weaponry and more test pilots dying. Oh, and of course, more cheapo looking CGI! Hooray?! Let’s take a look at the second IGLOO OVA then, at least there’s only one left to go!


Principality of Zeon’s 603rd Technical Evaluation Unit is a special crew of weapons development researchers. Stationed aboard the former civilian cargo ship Jotunheim, the unit field-tests various prototype weapons for combat use under the supervision of Engineer Lieutenant Oliver May, all in hopes of positively effecting the war effort…

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

Cast of Characters:

MS Gundam IGLOO OVA2 3

A sadly blurry pic of Monique pulling a gun on her superior officer.

Lt. Oliver May (Hideo Ishikawa) – Lieutenant Oliver May is an enthusiastic soldier of Zeon who wishes to help build and maintain weapons that can deliver a swift victory against the Earth Federation, though as the war drags on, if a victory can even be achieved, it won’t be swift…

Captain Monique Cadillac (Mike Nagasawa) – Captain Cadillac also has invested her time in the development of the new Zeon weapons, and is a harsh Captain to serve under.

Captain Martin Prochnow (Shozo Iizuka) – Martin Prochnow is the Captain of the Jotunheim, and at first welcomed the idea of the old cargo ship being commissioned, especially as, due to its lack of maneuverability, it would be unlikely to be called into the front lines, but recently he’s seen far more direct combat than he’d like…

Herbert von Kuspen (Ikuya Sawaki) – Herbet comes from an Elite squad of Gelgoog pilots, but he has found himself placed on board the Jotunheim during the decisive battle of A Baoa Qu.

Erwin Cadillac (Sayaka Aida) – Erwin is Monique’s younger brother, and only in his late teens, but due to the desperate nature of the war he’s been drafted to the front lines, and as fate would have it, to the Jotunheim…

Werner Holbein (Kenyuu Horiuchi) – Werner is a Marine and favours sea-based mobile suits (and sea-based analogies and stories…), so as the war heads to Space, Holbein is feeling left behind…

Plus more!

The Good:

MS Gundam IGLOO OVA2 1

The Big-Rang is at least one of the proper highlights of the OVA.

Well, I’ll at least admit that the final two episodes had a bit more of a punch to them, being set during the climactic battle of A Baoa Qu, and the introduction of child soldiers to both sides. Monique sees her younger brother among the recruits and has to watch him get gunned down in a prototype “Oggo” mobile pod, which sends her into a crying fit. Nothing really comes from it, as in Episode 3 she’s just absent for a while before reappearing to get one over harsh “by any means necessary” Zeon fanatic von Kuspen, before the two head out into space to help cover the retreat of the remains of Zeon from the final space fortress. Von Kuspen dies protecting one of the child soldiers, just to give him the old “he was strict but still an honourable guy” scene.

Meanwhile our lead protagonist Oliver May has to watch as multiple children die on board the prototype Oggos and then gets put in the pilot seat of the new mobile armour Big-Rang, which at least looks really “cool” (and which I remembered from the Extreme VS. games…) May manages to hold off as many of the opposition as he can, and against all odds, he survives with the help of Monique, becoming the first test pilot of the series to survive his test…

So overall, while the animation was still pants and the characters’ personalities stayed the same despite things happening to them, the setting of seeing Zeon’s defeat from the perspective of a small crew was good.

The Bad:

MS Gundam IGLOO OVA2 2

Werner Holbein dreams of the endless ocean… as he plunges towards it half-dead.

Episode 1 (or 4 depending on how you view it) was fine, I guess, but it was exactly the same as the three that came before it. A new test pilot with tonnes more personality and backstory than any of the main cast tests a new prototype craft and dies during its test, but not before proving his ability as a pilot. Werner was more “silly” than some of the previous pilots, going on about his grandfather being a fisherman and bringing it up all the time in funny ways, so story-wise (much like the previous batch of episodes) it was enjoyable, but not enough to excuse the animation.

Yes, I’ll mention it again, the CGI is terrible, even for the time. The facial expressions are laughably bad, the movement animation is incredibly stiff, and the complete lack of detail on most objects and faces just make everything look… crap.

Overall Thoughts:

MS Gundam IGLOO OVA2 4

Here is a shot of the battle of A Baoa Qu as featured in the OVA, because there were so few pictures of Apocalypse 0079 out there to use…

IGLOO: Apocalypse 0079 is very much the second half of a series that started with the previous OVA series, which at least gave this one the big finale, and although I enjoyed that, it was still far to distractingly bad thanks to the animation and looks. It goes without saying, but I don’t recommend this to anyone other than Gundam completionists who want to be able to say they’ve seen everything…

2 Star Watch

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